Monday, October 3, 2011

And so it begins...

New month, new projects, awesome models...

This is barely going to scratch the surface...  More to come.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rust Tutorial

Greetings all.  So I put together a little tutorial on how I do rust for a forum I frequent regularly, The Painted Dragon and thought I should post it here as well. Enjoy!
Okay, about time I got that rust tutorial posted.  I may come back in the future and redo this tutorial as a video, but for now this will work.

What you will need:
1. A model with areas you want to rust (in this case an Ork boy)
2. Red/Brown and Orange/Red paint (in this case P3 Bloodstone and Khador Red Highlight, but GW Darkflesh and Blazing Orange or similar will work fine)
3. Matte or Glaze Medium (Note, if using Glaze Medium you will need to have some matte varnish as it ends up shinny)
4. The pot of the last color applied before rust added (in this case Boltgun Metal) and a Drybrush

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warmachine Update! Getting There...

Hey guys, I thought I should continue the flurry of activity on my blog this week by posting some updated pics of the Khador Models I posted last Friday.  Tonight the Nova Open begins, well for me it is really just going to be a few hours of dropping in to say hello to old friends and seeing if I can't sneak onto the 11th Companies live broadcast... Shouldn't be too hard.  Tomorrow (after I work a half day) the real festivities begin for me, as I head to the hotel for the rest of the weekend to play a variety of games.  My big tournament this year is going to be the Softcore Warmachine/Hordes tournament on Saturday. Two 50pt armies clashing in a single hour long game with timed 7 minute turns, should be crazy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Purifiers

And the final shot of this weeks army paint fail is of 5 Purifiers.  The actual army had 25 of them in the army and was lead by Castillian Crowe.  I have a really cool conversion for Crowe that uses a mix of FW and Plastic Parts from a number of different kits.  Sorry can't show him to you just yet as he is being entered in a painting contest on a forum that I frequent regularly, The Painted Dragon.

Funny thing about this pic of Purifiers is that it is the only unit in the whole army that has Paired Falchions in it (except the Terminators that has 1 guy with them).  The rest is a mix of Psycannons, Halberds, and Daemon Hammers.


Okay, until next time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WIP Ordo Xenos Inquistor

Hey guys, Huron here any with as pic of some more models from my unfinished Deathwatch (Grey Knight army) that I was planning to take to Nova.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor & Servo Skulls

More tomorrow.

Monday, August 22, 2011

WIP Dreadknight

Hey guys Huron here with the first of my WIP models that would have been in my Nova 40K Tournament army if I was still going to play. The Dreadknight below was going to be the center piece to my army and my entry into the best converted model contests at the Nova.  Still a bit more too do, some GS work and I still have to mod the hydrolic arms and add them onto the model.  Maybe next year.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Destiny

Hey guys, by the time the post publishes I will have dropped out of the Nova Open 40K tournament.  I know I know.  I have been discussing it with many of you for a while now and I really hate to do it... But I have been having some pretty rough health problems lately (though hopefully I'm on the mend finally) and was not able to complete my intended army in time.  For those looking to get in some 40k with me over the weekend, I will have my Griffons with me just in case.

My intended 40k army was a Grey Knight army done up as Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Marines.  I have had a lot of problems getting them painted up to a level I am happy with and have had to go back to the drawing board several times with the paint scheme.  Combine that with almost 6 weeks of me being unable to paint in the last 3 months and It is no wonder I have not been able to get the army finished in time.  I promise to post some pics of them as soon as I have some in what I hope is the final scheme.  Also check back here new week for some WIP pics of some of the cool stuff that would have been in my army for Nova if I had been able to get it done.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A bit of magic...

Hey guys, Huron here, I know it has been a while.  So today I wanted to discuss something a bit different.  This could be the start of something even.  You see, besides being the dedicated gamer geek that I am, I also spend a good amount of my time doing non-gaming things, perusing Netflix, Hulu, and a few other online video places for new and interesting things to spend my time on.  My recent divergence has been an Anime called Eyeshield 21, that and Starcraft 2, which I just started playing for the first time recently, but more on that another time.  Today I want to talk about about the Dresden Files.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Update

Hey guys quick up date, the Terminators are about done.

More pics as I have them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey guys Huron here.  I figure it is about time for an update.  I am currently taking part in hobby challenges on 2 separate forums which has me busy busy.  Thankfully I have been able to merge the 2 challenges and work on one army.  I am taking part in a Grey Knight monthly challenge on The Painted Dragon and the 10 month New Army Hobby Challenge on the Independent Characters Podcast Forum.  For both I am building and painting a Grey Knight army as an Ordo Xenos Death Watch army.

Friday, June 3, 2011

He he he...

God to I love being in on the ground floor when something that is going to change everything shows up.  Seeing XMEN: First Class tonight at 12:01am on a whim was probably the best idea I have had in a while:

Wow, just wow.  I was blown away.  Iron Man (which I loved), Batman Begins (which could be my favorite comic movie of all time), eat your heart out.  XMEN:First Class sets the new standard for comic movies.  Sure as no comic movie is perfect exactly there were flaws.  Young Mystique was hit or miss and I think the flying Troll (Banshee) was definitely a big miss.  But for the most part they got it right.  Remember that first time you saw X2 and wolverine actually stabs the guys invading the house, hacking and slashing his way through them.  Yeah the whole movie was full of moments like that.  Another thing, the movie was chalk full of cameos, some expected some out of left field.  And what a villain does Kevin Bacon make.

If you were planning to see this movie great, enjoy!  If you were on the fence about seeing this movie... go see it.  If you weren't going to go see it but now plan too, awesome!  If you weren't planning to see it and still aren't... What is wrong with you?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey guys how is it going?  Been a while I know.  I have been working on this as I can but haven't really finished anything recently so haven't had all that much to share.  Also work has been hectic of late and the rest of my time has been going towards other things.  However I been playing some Malifaux and 40K lately, and finally found my camera's battery charger, so I may have some new battle reports heading your way soon.

However today I would like to thank Black Matt from Black Matt's Black Legion Blog.  He nominated me for the,  STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Thanks Matt, I was starting to wonder if I was starting to feel left out seeing these all over the place recently.

Here are the rules:
-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (see above)
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

Ok, seven things
1) I am 6 feet, 8 and 15/16th inches tall but tell everyone I am 6 feet, 9 inches tall because it is easier and a rounder number.

2) My life long dream is to make movies that are seen in theatres around the world. I want to produce, write, design, direct, and edit them. I want to tell stories that move others. Movies that play with the imagination and touch the heart, movies with message and character and that people remember.  I am starting to think this will never happen.

3) My first miniatures wargame was 40k.  I started collecting 40k back in 1989 but didn't actually start playing 40k until 1994.

4)  I am a very stubborn person, stubborn to a fault you might say; it is a trait I get from my father. Sometimes I will stubbornly hold on to something I have said and hold my ground even when I know I am in the wrong. 

5) I am a procrastinator. I almost always wait to the last moment to get anything done and rush to finish never quite doing my best work. I think there are two reasons I do this. First, I crave pressure and only feel I do my best work when pressure is high. Second, the thrill of the adrenaline rush and the fact I do not know how to succeed and feel good about it any other way.

6) I am a realist who desperately wants to be a dreamer. Sometimes I intentionally make the wrong choice because it helps me chase a dream that I know in my heart of hearts will never come true. Why I do this I do not know. Only that I would rather have lived a life full of bad choices while chasing a dream that I never reached instead of never having dreamed at all.

7) In general I see my life as a bunch of failures, missed opportunities, and missteps. However if I were not the failure I am today none of the things that are important to me would be in my life. How is that for karma.

Wow, I went a bit more serious there then some, though I am one of those people who if I am in for an inch I'm in for a mile.

Okay, so the blogs I am nominating are blogs that inspire me regularly. I have broken them down into two groups, one for those bloggers I know personally and one for those I'd like to meet some day.  Then I have included an honorable mention list who are all guys whose blogs inspire me greatly, but who have already been awarded this honor.

Those I know:
Warpstone Pile
The Dead Tau Project
Mongoose Blog
White Rabbit's Legendary Blog
Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Khepri's Eternal Legion

Those I'd Like to Meet
The Painting Corps
Kantor Base

Runners Up (Past Winners)
Black Matt's Black Legion Blog - Duh!
Mik's Minis
Ten Inch Template
Corbania Prime
Dei Greci

Thanks again Matt for Nominating me.  See you guys next time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nova-ing Marines!

Hey guys Huron here, checking in.  So it has been a while since my last post, sorry about that.  Been busy with life, watching all the new anime on Netflix, and playing Rift.  However just over a week ago I got a new compressor for my airbrush (I will be doing a post about both in the future) and have been airbrushing up a storm thanks to some tips I've gotten from a few friends, from grey_death over on The Painting Corps, and from watching videos put out by WGConsortium on youtube.

If you do not follow The Painting Corps... well why don't you?  The Painting Corps has lots of tips and tricks for getting your stuff done and lots of beautiful looking models for you to drool over too.  Also if you are interested in Airbrushing, definitely check out WGConsortiums Airbrushing for Beginners vids and all his Space Wolf painting vids, very informative on ways to add airbrushing to your hobby.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not at Adepticon... So...

Hey guys, whats up.  So I didn't make it to Adepticon this year, which stinks.  However that does mean I will the first to be able to post about some new things coming from Forge World.  Lets start with the pic below:

What do you get when you mix a wraithlord with a soulstone from a Warlock?  The new Eldar Wraithseer.  One of the coolest models to come out of FW recently (and there have been lots of cool ones, like the  Phantom Titan).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day - How Many Points is too Many Points?

Hey guys, thanks for checking in on this day of days... Old Stuff Day!  So all sorts of bloggers across the community are getting together today to share some of their old and not as loved posts today.  I thought I would share post 30 of Blood & Blades, from way back in September 2009.  The post is called "How Many Points is too Many Points?" and feature's my friend Chris and I throwing down in an epic scale game of planet strike.  As you go through is some of the shots there will be little pin pricks of blue on the green table... those of full 10 man squads of Marines, that is the scale we are playing at.

What the article is really about though is planning your games, and figuring out what you can reasonably play in the time you have.  So I hope you enjoy my contribution to Old Stuff Day, next time back to another review of 15mm plastic tanks and soldiers.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Guild Got Gutted (or GGG)

Hey guys, Huron here again with a post event report.  So this weekend saw me and 7 others of my regular crew from Huzzah Hobbies, my local LGS head a hour north to play in a 35ss Malifaux Tournament in Waynesboro, PA. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plastic Soldiers

Hey guys, Huron here again with an update.  Yeah I know, I have been gone a while, I have no good excuse.  I have been busy though, but I have not finish that much.  Instead I have been doing my usual thing of starting and getting involved with lots of projects.  I will be sharing some of them over the course of this week.  Also what do you think of my new avatar?  It will be showing up all over my profiles across the web this week.

So today I am going to share something not that new for me, but oh so new for the 15mm gaming experience... Plastic Models!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Streets paved in hope, Terror at every turn, Malifaux!

Hey guys, Huron here, back in action for my fourth post this week. While I am sure I will not be able to keep up this pace, you can at least count on more regular post from me again. Today's post finds me jumping back into the exciting world of Malifaux. Last October I stopped playing Malifaux as I had found that I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by several factors.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jumping into a new game, the Russian way!

Hey guys, Huron here, back again with a new game to share about, Flames of War. Late last year I embarked into the exciting world of Flames of War for the first time, playing in a Late War escalation league. I had looked at Flames of War a few times and even had been posed to buy in once or twice but had always decided to do other things instead. However the owner of the new LGS I have been playing at for the last 4-5 months, Huzzah Hobbies, plays FOW and he was determined to get a group playing at his shop. To be honest it took little effort on his part to get the group that had moved to playing there from the local GW store interested, as we were all burned out on GW and looking for something else to try. So off we went, building new 15mm armies and playing Late War games.

I am an idiot! I really am, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to buy some models first, before every playing a game, watching a game, or reading a rulebook. I looked at some of my friends models, looked on the web a bit at armies, knew that I wanted to play Russians as that is the army I had almost gotten into several times before, and that I wanted to play Cossack Cavalry. Hmmm, Cavalry in at WW2 tank and infantry game, sure why not, I said. But what I found was a debacle.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in Black!

Hey guys Huron here again, just an announcement today. I am have gone back to the Black and have become an official Privateer Press Ganger again. The first event I am going to be running will be at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA on Sunday January 23rd. Keep reading for all the details.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Returning to a Warhammer Fantasy.

None of the models are complete in any of the photos, all are WIP

Hey guys, Huron back again. Well today I want to talk about Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I recently returned to playing the game with the help of an escalation league being run in my local LGS Huzzah Hobbies. We started a couple of weeks ago at 500pts, then every two weeks the points are increased by 250pts capping out at 2,500pts. In addition players do not have to follow the standard army restrictions of 1 character and 3 non-character units until 1000pts and for the first 6 2 week tiers we will be progressing through the six new WFB missions in order with games after that being rolled for randomly.

I have chosen to play my Warriors of Chaos army and flesh out the infantry portion of the army and add in some new cavalry elements that I have had but that still need to be painted over time. Last week was the second week of 1000pts games and we played the third mission, Battle for the Pass. In this mission players play length wise and long table edges count as impassible terrain. Fleeing unit can still leave by the long edges but pursuing units and reinforcements may not enter or leave the table along them.

Sounded like a fun mission to me and for the most part is was, but more on how I did later.

My list at 1000pts looked like this:

  1. Chaos Sorcerer Level 1 - Mark of Nurgle - 105pts
  2. (15) Chaos Warriors - Mark of Khorne, Shields, Full Command - 300pts
  3. (15) Chaos Warriors - Shields, Halberds, Full Command - 285pts
  4. (5) Chaos Knights - Full Command - 250pts
  5. (12) Marauders - Great Weapons - 60pts

I did okay with this list, going 1-1 in my games over the last two weeks. My first game was against a Skaven army that consisted of 3 characters, two units (one with a warpfire thrower team) and a Hellpit Abomination. This was not a list I was expecting. A Level 3 Grey Seer, a Lv2 Warplock Engineer, and Battle Standard Bearer. Add to that a unit of 45-50 Slaves and a 20+ unit of clan rats and a Hellpit Abomination and it was going to be a rough game. My one level 1 couldn't keep up in the magic area, though I did end up putting 2 of the 3 wounds to kill the grey seer on him with Magnificent Bubbos, the level 1 nurgle spell that ignores armor saves and does an auto wound vs whatever model I choose if they are within 24" and I get the spell off.

As far as where I am going with this list, I am not sure. For 1250pts starting this week I am adding in a Battle Standard Bearer of my own, changing the Chaos Knights unit into a Unit of Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons and adding some more Marauders. We will see how the additions and changes work out.

Well that is it for now, stay tune for more WFB Escalation progress and more updates on other games.

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