Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Returning to a Warhammer Fantasy.

None of the models are complete in any of the photos, all are WIP

Hey guys, Huron back again. Well today I want to talk about Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I recently returned to playing the game with the help of an escalation league being run in my local LGS Huzzah Hobbies. We started a couple of weeks ago at 500pts, then every two weeks the points are increased by 250pts capping out at 2,500pts. In addition players do not have to follow the standard army restrictions of 1 character and 3 non-character units until 1000pts and for the first 6 2 week tiers we will be progressing through the six new WFB missions in order with games after that being rolled for randomly.

I have chosen to play my Warriors of Chaos army and flesh out the infantry portion of the army and add in some new cavalry elements that I have had but that still need to be painted over time. Last week was the second week of 1000pts games and we played the third mission, Battle for the Pass. In this mission players play length wise and long table edges count as impassible terrain. Fleeing unit can still leave by the long edges but pursuing units and reinforcements may not enter or leave the table along them.

Sounded like a fun mission to me and for the most part is was, but more on how I did later.

My list at 1000pts looked like this:

  1. Chaos Sorcerer Level 1 - Mark of Nurgle - 105pts
  2. (15) Chaos Warriors - Mark of Khorne, Shields, Full Command - 300pts
  3. (15) Chaos Warriors - Shields, Halberds, Full Command - 285pts
  4. (5) Chaos Knights - Full Command - 250pts
  5. (12) Marauders - Great Weapons - 60pts

I did okay with this list, going 1-1 in my games over the last two weeks. My first game was against a Skaven army that consisted of 3 characters, two units (one with a warpfire thrower team) and a Hellpit Abomination. This was not a list I was expecting. A Level 3 Grey Seer, a Lv2 Warplock Engineer, and Battle Standard Bearer. Add to that a unit of 45-50 Slaves and a 20+ unit of clan rats and a Hellpit Abomination and it was going to be a rough game. My one level 1 couldn't keep up in the magic area, though I did end up putting 2 of the 3 wounds to kill the grey seer on him with Magnificent Bubbos, the level 1 nurgle spell that ignores armor saves and does an auto wound vs whatever model I choose if they are within 24" and I get the spell off.

As far as where I am going with this list, I am not sure. For 1250pts starting this week I am adding in a Battle Standard Bearer of my own, changing the Chaos Knights unit into a Unit of Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons and adding some more Marauders. We will see how the additions and changes work out.

Well that is it for now, stay tune for more WFB Escalation progress and more updates on other games.

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  1. You can save points by dropping the Champion from the chaos knights. It's far too many points to pay for a single extra attack for the unit. Mark of Slaanesh would be cheaper and more useful than a unit champion.

    I would also consider beefing up the Marauder unit as the points level increases and giving them the mark of khorne. Once you hit 2k, a unit of 30 strong with frenzied great weapons is a thing to fear.

    Lastly, look into getting a hell cannon, they are incredibly powerful. By 2,500 points you'll probably want two of them to thin out the big blocks you're likely to face.


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