Friday, June 3, 2011

He he he...

God to I love being in on the ground floor when something that is going to change everything shows up.  Seeing XMEN: First Class tonight at 12:01am on a whim was probably the best idea I have had in a while:

Wow, just wow.  I was blown away.  Iron Man (which I loved), Batman Begins (which could be my favorite comic movie of all time), eat your heart out.  XMEN:First Class sets the new standard for comic movies.  Sure as no comic movie is perfect exactly there were flaws.  Young Mystique was hit or miss and I think the flying Troll (Banshee) was definitely a big miss.  But for the most part they got it right.  Remember that first time you saw X2 and wolverine actually stabs the guys invading the house, hacking and slashing his way through them.  Yeah the whole movie was full of moments like that.  Another thing, the movie was chalk full of cameos, some expected some out of left field.  And what a villain does Kevin Bacon make.

If you were planning to see this movie great, enjoy!  If you were on the fence about seeing this movie... go see it.  If you weren't going to go see it but now plan too, awesome!  If you weren't planning to see it and still aren't... What is wrong with you?


  1. Wow - sounds awesome. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Definitely checking this movie out. Thanks man.

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