Monday, April 11, 2011

Nova-ing Marines!

Hey guys Huron here, checking in.  So it has been a while since my last post, sorry about that.  Been busy with life, watching all the new anime on Netflix, and playing Rift.  However just over a week ago I got a new compressor for my airbrush (I will be doing a post about both in the future) and have been airbrushing up a storm thanks to some tips I've gotten from a few friends, from grey_death over on The Painting Corps, and from watching videos put out by WGConsortium on youtube.

If you do not follow The Painting Corps... well why don't you?  The Painting Corps has lots of tips and tricks for getting your stuff done and lots of beautiful looking models for you to drool over too.  Also if you are interested in Airbrushing, definitely check out WGConsortiums Airbrushing for Beginners vids and all his Space Wolf painting vids, very informative on ways to add airbrushing to your hobby.

A whole new era of painting is coming your way from me, thanks to adding an airbrush to the tools at my disposal.  New Howling Griffon Vehicles and Marines, progress on my Blood Angels, pics of my top secret Nova Open 40K tournament army (which I think I have finally settled on), and a Badab War boarding actions themed Nova Marine army the chapter badge of which is above (need to get some decals made).

Okay, so lets talk Nova Marines.  This is the current project I am working hardest on (though I am also focusing on a BA Stormraven right now too).  I just ordered the bases for the army from Dragon Forge Designs.  They are the new Omega Prime space ship decking bases and should look nice on all my models. My chief opponent with this army is going to be "C" from Truddenia.  He has been posting pics of his Executioners for a while now.  If you haven't checked out his blog yet you should, as in addition to Executioners models, "C" posts great Black Library novel reviews and lots of pics of all his other projects and armies.

Additionally Big Bad Garou from 4-Ones has decided to join us and is currently working on a Carcadons army for general play that minus vehicles he can use as a boarding action force.  I am also hoping to invite grey_death from The Painting Corps and Ryan from On the Painting Table to join us too as I have been trying to get some games in with both these guys for a while (though they do live in Maryland so... though so does "C") and both of them have beautifully painted Badab War armies.  Ryan has Red Scorpions and grey_death has Sons of Medusa.  If either of you two read this post please add a comment and let me know if you would be interested in playing some games.  For Badab War boarding action games, we are shooting for 1500pt armies and of course the Special Characters and model rules from the FW books are all legal.  The idea is to use the boarding action rules found in IA9 and 10.  If you haven't had a chance to play them yet, they are a blast.  If you want to play more or less points I'd be up for that too... but depending on size may need to switch to Howling Griffons or one of my other 40K armies.

Sorry no pics for now, soon though (I need to find that battery charger).  See you next time and sorry that I sort of started rambling there at the end, I have a Migraine...


  1. Always love to see more Novamarines - that's a link to mine if you're interested. Looking forward to what you'll come up with. Assume you're planning to use airbrush - are you thinking of using a mask of some sort (liquid/tape/whatever) to make the quartering pattern easier?

  2. Loving that your doing Novamarines and basing them on the boarding actions. I seriously think you should join the Badab Veterans ( it's a great little group and I think you'd make a great member. Both tristan (above)and Ryan are members so come have a look and let me know what you think.


  3. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.

  4. Hi,

    My name is Kirsten Williams and I work with content for . We are now conducting a campaign towards blogs and for that reason, I am trying to get in touch with the person in charge of content and ads primarily on blogs.

    Is that you, or is there someone else I should speak to? Thanks for your time.

    Kirsten Williams. :)

  5. Heya Huron,

    I'm not sure what my schedule looks like or even how much time I might have even when I know it, but if you have any info on when you're hoping to get folks together I can let you know.

    Just lemme know when/where and I will get back to you.


    PS Thanks for the shout out :)

  6. No worries and I will let you know. We played some this past Sunday down here in VA. Probably next meet up will be probably up near Sykesville, MD (Where "C" from Truddania lives) some where in a few weeks.

    Hopefully I can get some Nova Marines done by then. All the new airbrush stuff I order is in now and I just got word that Jeff from Dragon Forge sent me the base today... So it is all starting to come together.


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