Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well it is a start...

Hey guys, Huron here again, man has it been a while. I have to admit that taking it easy has some advantages (though once you see my list of what I have been up to, you will question if I have been taking it easy), no deadlines, no models I have to have painted, no worries about not having X hobby thing painted, etc.

I has allowed me to find the time to play more and different games, which has lead me to rediscover board games and non-collectible card games and things of that nature. With December coming to a close however, I think it is about time to get back on the horse, set some goals, come up with a plan, and get to work. For one, there is a new 40K tournament season starting just around the corner. I said last year that my Griffons were under powered in the current meta in my area by the end of last season so I was going to do a new army for this season.

Additionally, I have put back on the black in the last few weeks and stepped up at my local LGS Huzzah Hobbies as a Pressganger again. That means catching up on what I have missed over the last 2 years and probably painting up some new demo sets and a new 35-50pt army to use.

Bah, there is to much to write down in paragraph form, so in comes a good old list.

What I have been up/Going to be up to in early 2011.
  1. Started Flames of War - Late War Russians
  2. Started Uncharted Seas - Shroud Mages
  3. Started Dystopian Wars - Japanese
  4. Started playing/Purchased Dominion (Deck Building Card Game)
  5. Started playing/Purchased Resident Evil's new Deck Building Card Game
  6. Purchased Invasion from Outer Space Board Game (From Flying From Productions)
  7. Started playing/Purchased Wings of War base game and 2 planes
  8. Dabbling with getting back into Monpoc
  9. Reactivated myself as a Pressganger for Privateer Press and started organizing a new League and Tournament for Warmachine/Hordes
  10. Stopped playing Malifaux, we will see if I get back in, in Jan 2011.
  11. I am in week 3 of a Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League that will be running through February
  12. Played some Apoc recently, has me thinking about getting my Blood Angels finished so I have a new army to play with short term
  13. In the conceptual and testing build phase for a Steam-Punk Ork 40k army I am thinking about build to use at the Nova Open next August. Was 100% sold on the idea until I figured out what it would cost to create 3 Ork Battlewagon Steam Trains, now rethinking possibly or doing some revising.
  14. Scatter Brained and starting new projects or wanting to finish old projects or something else every other day it seems.
Well that is my list of what I have been up to. I have articles coming in the near future, probably after I get my work area cleared up and find my camera again. But never fear I shall return, looking for me in 2011 if not before.

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