Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warmachine Update! Getting There...

Hey guys, I thought I should continue the flurry of activity on my blog this week by posting some updated pics of the Khador Models I posted last Friday.  Tonight the Nova Open begins, well for me it is really just going to be a few hours of dropping in to say hello to old friends and seeing if I can't sneak onto the 11th Companies live broadcast... Shouldn't be too hard.  Tomorrow (after I work a half day) the real festivities begin for me, as I head to the hotel for the rest of the weekend to play a variety of games.  My big tournament this year is going to be the Softcore Warmachine/Hordes tournament on Saturday. Two 50pt armies clashing in a single hour long game with timed 7 minute turns, should be crazy!

So on to the pics I guess.  Above is a pic of Warcaster Harkovich after basecoating and washes to help shade and tie all the colors on the model together (Check back tomorrow for part 1 of a tutorial on how I am approaching painting my new Khador army).

Harkovich (still WIP but after a bit of work)

Black Ivan (Harkovich's personal warjack)

Destroyer Warjack

Decimator Warjack

Man-O-War Drakhun

Well that is it for now.  More as I have it.

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  1. The caster looks great! Hope you had a good time at the NOVA open.


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