Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can Jawaballs come out and play?

Hey guys, Huron here with a little update. I will be attending the Battle for Salvation 2010 GT October 8th to the 10th in White Plains, NY. The BfS is a 2000pt tournament that is using a system similar to the Nova Open and you can find out all the difference on the most recent 11th Company Podcast where Bob (the tournament organizer), Neil (11th Company Host), and I break it all down for you.

So on Friday there is going to be a series of grudge matches between internet personalities and while don't think of myself as a super popular internet personality Bob has allowed me to throw down a challenge so here I go:


I am going to make mince meat out of your silly Blood Angels!
You are going to need a new army when I am done destroying yours!

Yeah that's right!
I went there!

You heard it here first folks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nova Open Round 1

Hey guys, sorry it has taken so long, but here is round 1 of my Nova Open coverage. I have been having some technical difficulties again, but I hope they are pasted.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Malifaux, Eater of Souls... and free time.

Malifaux has been around for a while, I have even mentioned it before. However I have never discussed just how hard it has grabbed and sucked me away from playing other games. Until recently, Warhammer 40,000 was my game of choices. I played 40k several times a week and paint 40k minis and dreamed about new 40K armies. While the dreaming is still there a bit, thanks to my over abundance of GW stuff everywhere in my apartment right now, since Huzzah Hobbies opened back on August 14th (Same day as the Nova Open) Malifaux has been taking up every scrap of my free time.

From assembling and painting models, to thinking about terrain I want to build to actually kicking in and starting to work on some Malifaux has pretty much sucked the life out of the rest of my hobbies. If you had talked to me back in July or early August I would have told you that I'd planned to have my new Lizardman army painted and be hip deep in Warhammer Fantasy right now. I'd be facing all the denizens of the Old World learning to use by cold blooded army. Not so. While I have played some fantasy a few weeks ago, I have gotten n0 painting done on them and have no plans to pick them back up anytime soon.

In contrast, the fall 40K Tournamant scene is ramping up with 4 Tournaments in October - November that I have my eye on. The first is the Battle for Salvation GT in White Plains, NY. I already have my ticket for this bad boy and will be scheduling hotel accommodations when I get paid at the end of this week. I will need an 1850pt army painted and to be ready to go for another Nova Open style tournament in about a month from now. My Griffons while ready really aren't up to snuff in that format and all my other possible armies to chose from all need a lot of work and testing. What does that mean, I will probably take some form of Griffons army, but will probably have to do a good amount of overhauling and painting of new units before the event. But with Malifaux eating up my time, I am going to have to find some balance to get some work done on them.

The other three tournaments are the 40K tournament at the Warstore Weekend which I have agree to go to with some friends of mine (but I have not purchased tickets or made hotel arrangements for), Mechanicon, and the Da Boyz GT up in Rochester, NY. All three of these events will be lots of fun and I hope to make the majority of them, but it is going to take a lot of work to get everything together for them.

And we come back to Malifaux. I have one crew just about done. They are my Outcasts which consist of 10 models right now. Painted I have The Victorias, my duel masters and leaders of my crew and a totem for them, the student of conflict; Taelor, Lady Hammerstrike one of my Melee monsters; and Johan, the Renegade Steamfitter, he is fun to play as he is a jack of all trades. In process I have Bishop, a brawler which is my tank, though he is expensive; 3 Ronin, good jack of all trades models that give the crew some flexibility and the ability to bring back Victorias when they die; and the Convict Gunslinger, a hard hitting bad ass which is a good choice for any crew that could use an extra gun. In the the long run I'd like to add a few more models to this crew, but that is it for the time being.

This weekend I broke out my Resurrectionists and got a few games in with Nicodem, the master of resurrecting the undead. Nicodem is a beast when he has the card, bring all sorts of undead monsters into play using the corpse counters his crew find or create for him (from the bodies of their foes). So far in the 2 games I have played with him, Nicodem has either been card starved and unable to get that many undead out , or card saturated and bring out whatever I want whenever I want.

Waiting in the wings is McMourning, my other Resurrectionist Master which I am assembling now and soon Colette and her Arcanist Showgirls.

So much to do, some many games to play, models to paint, and trips to tournaments to take this fall. I guess it could be worse, I could have no one to play with and nothing to do but go to work each day. But man a guy can get overwhelmed. Thankfully I am not there... yet.

See you next time.

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