Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Busy

Hey guys, man has it been a while. Since my last post a lot has changed. For one thing I have been totally consumed by War of the Rings. I am not sure if any of the rest of you have spent any time looking at this new game from Games Workshop, as the Lord of the Rings game was pretty bad in my opinion and turned a lot of people off to the whole concept including me. Then in steps War of the Rings.

War of the Rings for those that do not know is the GW specialist game Warmaster scaled up with a bit of the Lord of the Rings rules and flavor mixed in. All those pretty Lord of the Rings models pretty much just represent wounds for the company (name of the movement tray of guys, some times called a base) inside a formation (group of companies). The really cool thing about the game is that you could just as easily play it with Cardboard cutouts and have just as much fun. I have been a long time fan of many of the Lord of the Rings models but have always considered them a waste of time and money because I could not use them in a game I actaully wanted to play. However, now War of the Ring has provided a great gaming system so I can start building armies of Lord of the Rings models.

So far I have amassed around 1000pts of Fallen Realms (Easterlings) with another 500pts being added soon. As motivation to get the army painted I have switched my Armies of Parade display army from my Red Corsairs to the Easterlings. I've got alot of work ahead of me (more on that in future entries).

So for 40K, I have not been idle either. I recently signed up for the "Call of Chaos III" over on Bolter and Chainsword (you can find a link in "Links" to your right. The idea is to motivate Chaos players to get some models painted. Participants must agree to paint several squads/vehicles/characters over a 3 month period. Each month participants must supply at least 2 updates or be put in the failure tally in the first post and live with their shame (or something like that). Here are the pics from my first update. Closeups of my WIP Red Corsairs Thousand Sons Sorcerer with a few of his buddies in the background and a pic of my primed Predator. Additionally I have a Rhino to finish for the Thousand Sons and 3 custom Obliterators.

Enough talk, onto the pics.

Additionally I have started on a several models to enter into Golden Daemon this year. These include an Eldar Farseer for 40K Single Minature, a Squad of Blood Angel Vet Assault Marines for 40K Squad, Dalamyr for LotR Model/Unit, a unit of Questing Knights for Fantasy Unit, and the Green Knight for Fantasy Single Minature. I will be posting pics of them in progress in future entries.

Until next time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

GTs, What would you want?

Hey guys, I know it has been a while but life is suddenly busy busy for me.

So this past Friday Games Workshop announced for those that do not know already that there will be no GT's in the United States this year. I have to say I think this is a mistake. GTs, while I personally have not been to one in the last few years are an important part of the hobby. It gives gamers in an area something to look forward to, something to push them to finish that army or build and convert that new one that they have been talking about for a while, and most importantly it lets gamers from all over, people who would not normally face each other even in RTTs a chance to meet, exchange ideas, and play games with each other in a venue full of people doing it too.

What if you had the opportunity to put together a GT style event of your own? What would you want to see? What would you want to do? How far would you travel to play? Please reply to this post and the polls I will be posting over the next several days. Thank you in advance for any ideas, experiences, and thoughts that you share.

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