Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Purifiers

And the final shot of this weeks army paint fail is of 5 Purifiers.  The actual army had 25 of them in the army and was lead by Castillian Crowe.  I have a really cool conversion for Crowe that uses a mix of FW and Plastic Parts from a number of different kits.  Sorry can't show him to you just yet as he is being entered in a painting contest on a forum that I frequent regularly, The Painted Dragon.

Funny thing about this pic of Purifiers is that it is the only unit in the whole army that has Paired Falchions in it (except the Terminators that has 1 guy with them).  The rest is a mix of Psycannons, Halberds, and Daemon Hammers.


Okay, until next time.


  1. Looking good, Jay. Shame you won't be playing these guys at the NOVA. Look forward to seeing these guys at the shop some time.

  2. Id love to see that Crowe, seems promising!


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