Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow, its been a month

Like the title says, wow, I can't believe it has been a month already since my last post. Well time flies as they say and I have been pretty busy. First off I have been a painting fiend, getting 1000pts of Chaos Daemons painted up (mostly, need to do some final detail on a few models and finish the bases). Here is a picture of the Forge World Daemon prince that I painted up as Ku'Gath, Great Unclean One of Nurge (yes I know he is supposed to be a DP, but he dwarfs the GW metal GUO by quite a margin so he will do fine as Ku'Gath. Go ahead and click on the pic for a larger view of this model. It was so easy to paint up and it looks fantastic. Sorry for the bad pic, the batteries in my camera are dying and I need to recharge them. With that said, sorry but no more pics tonight, I will post more later this week.

In addition to painting up Ku'Gath here, I have also painted 2 GW GUO that I plan to use as Nurgle DPs, the Herald that comes with my Ku'Gath model, 28 Plague Bearers, and 5 Nurgling bases. I need 14 more Plague Bearers, Epidemius, a Soul Grinder, to build and paint the 3 Beast of Nurgle proxies I have (more on those later) and to paint up the other 4 Nurgling Bases I already have to finish out the army. In addition I need more of the lovely bases you see on my Ku'Gath. This is particular base is a 80mm Broken Wastelands base from Dragon Forge Designs. So far I have only picked up this base and a few 60mm for the GUOs and those Beast of Nurgle proxies I mentioned earlier but they are truly top notch. I would recommend them to any one else looking for an alternative resin base solution and I plan to order enough for the whole army in the long run.

Daemons are not the only project I have been working on, I also converted and painted an Indomitable Fortress following the rules and criteria from the GW's Planet Strike game setting for the Iron Fortress competition that GW ran in July. Iy is all converted and painted up and I will post pics of it soon. I have also been playing Mordheim during the month of July at GW Sugarland. My Middenheimer Mercs have been getting rolled, going 2/6 so far with 3 hero deaths (all Youngbloods thank god) and 4 Henchmen slain. I've still managed to get a decent band together though Joseph Kane the leader of my band is a madman (quite literally, he has Madness: Frenzied) with 7 attacks at Weapon Skill 5 and Strength 4. I have to admit it has been a roller coaster of emotion and I invested a lot into my band early and almost quit the first time my band was devastated. Now I have reigned in my feelings a bit and things are a lot more fun.

In the month of August 40K is going to be my big game due to two events happening at GW Sugarland. First there is a painting contest to paint 1000pts of 40K or WotR, 1500pts of Fantasy, or 500pts of LotR by August 30th kicking off August 1st. I have won every contest at the store that I have entered so far and I want to keep up the track record (yeah that is right, I through the gauntlet down, bring it!). I have decide to pull some stuff I have had kicking around for a bit now along with a few other things I have traded for or purchases and do a Generic Space Marine army. Now we all know I am insane, but I think this makes me really nuts. I am going to paint them as Howling Griffons. Yellow and Red quartered with an even more complicated alt scheme for my vets and command models. Fun. All this after I discover that Duplicolor, the primer manufacturer that I have been using for years has stopped making the primer that I love, sigh. So I am going to have to try some new things to get it to work out (stay tuned).

The other event is a 40K Escalation Campaign which starts at 1K and runs 8 weeks finishing at 2K with a round robin tournament at the end to decide the winner. In addition to adding more models as you go, each game will involve players fighting over Catalysts, objectives that allow you to take additional choices over the minimum (1 HQ, 6 Troops, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support) or that give your lead character better stats. I think it is going to be fun. My Howling Griffons just so happen to fill up the base force org nicely, with one of each choice and 2 additional troops in the 1000pt block I am painting for the GW paint comp, so I decided to run them for this league.

I think you are all caught up on the mirand of things that kept me busy in July and the all the craziness (well almost all of it) that I have planned for August. See you next time, I promise there will be at least 10 updates in August and a tutorial or two in addition to boot.

Until next time.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planet Strike Kickoff Apocalypse

Friday night July 3rd saw the meeting of all 3 of the Northern Virginia GW stores for a massive Apocalypse/Planet Strike game to celebrate the release of Planet Strike properly. GW Springfield, VA was ground zero as GW Sugarland took on GW Fair Oaks in the first of many epic battles. The battle pitted Dirty Jesus Phil vs Don the Devil, helmsman of GW Sugarland and GW Fair Oaks respectively and their hordes of store regulars and GW Springfield mercs in an Apocalypse game with some Planet Strike rules mixed it. Each player, armed with 1000pts and in addition either a 500pt formation or super heavy or legendary unit worth up to 800pts picked sides and jumped into the battle. The store was packed as over 20 players per side crowd around 5 tables to defend or capture 10 objectives. After many long hours, a duel between Jesus and the Devil, and thousands of dice rolls the battle ended a draw, but fun was had by all and already grudges are forming in prepartion of the next epic conflict.

I had a blast as table captian for Table 4, our forces held off the enemy from one objective and losing the other in the last momments for round 4 due to a Stompa going nova and clearing a path in the ring of defenders to get two marines to the objective. Please enjoy the photos and share your favorite momments from the battle.

Table 1 and 2
Table 3
Table 4
Table 5


Until next time.

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