Monday, January 30, 2012

40k Hopefuls, #2

Hey guys, Huron here again.  Time to let you in on what the above minis is for in my second 40K Hopefuls of 2012 post.  Last November I posted a couple of WIP preview shots of this guy with a slightly different base, a Mk5 marine, and a finecast jump pack chaplain with a FW Pre-Heresy jump pack.  Well those were the first models of what I thought at the time was going to be pre-heresy Dark Angels army.  Well things ebbed an flowed and while I ended up ditching the Dark Angels idea, trying and failing to paint a squad as Hersey World Eaters, I still continue to gather up minis for this army a bit at a time.  To be honest I already had quite a size able cache of FW bits that I have been buying from both Forge World as well as an UK bits site called  Bits and Kits is a cool because form time to time they stocks up on FW bits and you can bits order individual pieces.  Not the most cost effective way of doing things but if all you want is Lugft Huron's body, an Astral claw shoulder pad, or a single FW Hersey style Missile Launcher, the price is pretty nice.

So now that I am talking about what 40k armies I want to work on this year, I though I'd share with you what I have built so far.  Here is a pic of the full army at this time.

More pics below.

Friday, January 20, 2012

40K Hopefuls, #1

Hey guys, Huron here.  Well we are starting to get close to the end of the first month of 2012 and it is time for me to get to work on figuring our which 40k army will be my promised 2K army in 2012 from my new years goals post.  I have lots of armies to chose from here: perhaps one of the several marine armies I have mentioned previously; Orks in a variety of styles; or how about the Forge World Renegade IG I have sitting around primed or partially painted.  Another choice could be Nurgle Chaos Daemons, I have 1200pts painted already plus another 1k+ sitting ready to paint. All I'd need to buy is 5 more plague bearers and Epidemius to complete the army.

To help me decide, I am going to spend the next week sharing with you several of my choices and then putting a poll together to see what you guys think. No guarantee that I will play along, but it should help me decide.  My choice for today is:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pIrusk Alt, Final

Hey guys, Huron here.  Well pIrusk is all finished though I might go in with some weathering powder in the future and hit up his base, boots, and the bottom edge of the camo green coat.

Monday, January 16, 2012

pIrusk Alt, WIP

Hey guys, here are some pics of the model I have spent most of 2012 so far working on, pIrusk (plain Irusk, or v1 Irusk).  This model is an alt sculpt that was release back when the Mk2 Khador Army Book was released.  I have one of the original pIrusk models that I painted way back in the day but I have recently been trying to focus on playing more Warmachine and nothing helps me do this then painting up some new minis to use.  Also one of my personal New Years resolutions is to play more Mk2 games with a wider variety of models and getting pIrusk painted up is a step in helping to achieve that.

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Minis of 2012

Alright, so time to post the first minis of the new year.  Today I have some Sanguinary Guard for you, still WIP, but first the story of their inspiration.  Back in early December, as I mention in my last post, I played in and won a 40k tournament at my local shop.  The funny thing is I decided to play in the tournament on a whim the morning of the tournament and threw together an all foot Blood Angels army (well all foot except 1 landspeeder, 3 bikes, and a Drop Pod) from the mostly painted BA minis I have kicking around with a few Painted Flesh Tearer minis I won at a BFS charity Tournament back in late 2010 thrown in.  The tournament was a 3 round escalating format with Round 1 played at 1250pts, Round 2 played at 1500pts, and round 3 played at 1750pts.  Players were required to make a 1750pt list and then take whole unit out of it to build their 1500pt and 1250pt lists.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 recap, 2012 Goals

Hey guys, 2011 has gone and we are now firmly in 2012.  2011 was a pretty bad year for me health wise and this in turn effected my hobby greatly.  For starters, I only posted a grand total of 21 blog posts over all of 2011 which is way below half of any previous year.  Last year saw me return to 3 games I had played previous but I had been on hiatus with for a while (Malifaux, Warhammer Fantasy, and Warmachine) and expand my interests in a fairly new game for me (Flames of War).  Of these 4 games I quick lost interest in both Malifaux and Warhammer Fantasy, and ended up abandoning Malifaux all together selling all my models except 1 painted Crew (Victorias) and a few random models here and there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Upgrade Now Complete!

Well looks like I am all done upgrading the site, only took all night.  New Banner, new look, even a new Avatar.  Now where to begin?  Hmm... 

Under Construction

Hey guys Huron here again.  I know I have been absent of late, between health issues, being laid off in October, and serious hit to the fail in my painting skills in November hobby has taken sort of a back seat to real life in the second half of 2011.  I have still been building, priming, and slapping some paint around but have had nothing finished or that I was happy enough with to share.  Well 2012 is here and time to get myself out of the rut and get some things painted and some outstanding project completed.

Please excuse the mess while I revamp and reorganize in preparation for a new year of Blogging.

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