Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Howling Griffons part 2

Hey guys, Huron back again. Today I have the second part of a look at my painted Howling Griffons army. To the left you will see a pic of my Landraider, the Big Yellow Bus of Doom, or at least that is what my opponents have named it. This baby delivers blasts of twin-linked Heavy Bolter and Lascannon fire and searing blasts of Multi-Melta fire.

Besides that it also delivers a deadly payload of Assault Terminators and my Librarian. Please enjoy the pics below and let me know what you think.

Landraider Interior

Squad 3


Bonus Material - WIP Sternguard

Let me know what you think.

See you next time, Malifaux is a-comin'...


  1. They look great Huron.
    In particular I like the mud and crud splattered Terminators. It gives the appearance that they have been "stuck in" for awhile.
    Your conversion for the Sternguard Combi-Plasmas turned out well, can't wait to see these guys painted up.

  2. Such a nice, poppy army Jay :)

    Are you bringing it to the Open?

  3. @Mike - Yup, I actually adding the unit of Sternguard to make the army more competitive at the Open

    @Mags - Thank you. The Sternguard are coming along okay. Right now they look like regular old marines with weird guns. The paint job is what is going to have to set them apart.

  4. As neat as the sternguard look so far, why combi plasma? sure it gives them a bit of higher strength, but wouldn't combi melta be better suited? After all, they already have access to an ap 3 ammo that gets hot. Otherwise, fine stuff, keep it coming =)

  5. Besides the fact that combi plasma is eaasier to make, and the plasma pistol idea is awsome i might just steal that now, how are u gonna paint them. Im really interested to see that, well besides white helmets

  6. @kevinmcd28 - Check out the terminators. They are painted in the alt Badab war scheme, where you alternate color on every plate instead of quartered. All my vets are painted in this manner currently, so I will continue it with the Sternguard.

  7. I will have to steal the plasma pistol idea also,.. finally a use for all those plasma pistol bits i gots. Let me know when you get to the Nova Open, so i can pretend i left my army in the hotel room, so it can stop feeling inadequate.... Nice job as usual.

    Pat, 11th Company


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