Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from Chicago!

Hey guys, Huron here, back from Adepticon. Man did I have a blast. I played 4 good games of Warmachine on Friday, and a pickup game of 40K with Dave from Dice Like Thunder. I also got to meet Aaron Dempski-Bowden and hang with him and his fiance Katie for a significant part of the convention.

Saturday saw the GL, DLT, and the Warbanner crews decending on Lou Mitchell's Diner on the old route 66 in Chicago. The food was very good and I suggest dropping in and having a bite if you are every in the windy city. After that everyone headed back to Adepticon and got going with their different schedules.

Bill and I Podcasted with a variety of individuals for several hours Saturday afternoon and then I played two teaching games back to back of Fire Storm Armada and 40K with Phil of the Warbanner and Erin, Chris of DLT fame's girlfriend, respectively. From there we headed over to the DLT Saturday night Adepticon party at the Hooters across from the GW Chicago Bunker. I had a blast talking 40K, meeting new people, and sharing stories form the con so far.

Sunday saw me sleeping a bit late, taking a painting class and getting some of my models critiqued by Chris Borer, multi Golden Daemon winner and world class painter. He pointed out a lot of little things that I hadn't even thought about and shared some tips on how to better achieve some of the techniques I was applying. All and all I learned a lot and have a lot of new things to try and prefect.

Then I spent the rest of the day hang with the same crew from Saturday, playing another teaching gaming of 40K, did some talking with Aaron and Katie, and generally had a good time.

Adepticon was one of the most fun conventions I have attended, and I hardly played in any of the events. Next year I think I want to work towards getting an army together and actually signing up for the 40K championships on Sunday, but I am definitely going to leave time open for all the fun stuff that happens outside the scheduled events.

I hope that everyone that attended got home safely and has as good a time as I did. I will see you all next year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adepticon or Bust

In a few less then 24 hour I will be hoping in a car and taking a ride that at the end will lead me to Adepticon. This is going to be my first Adepticon, however I am no stranger to multiple day convention. I have made the pilgrimage 3 times now to the holy mecca of gameness that is Gencon. If you have never been to Gencon then you are missing out. But enough distraction.

Adepticon, what I am told is a prince compared to Gencon as king, a 3 day event encompassing the pinnacle of GW gaming (though this year there is a whole lot more then just GW to do). My Griffons, are nearing the completion mark, the vehicles were clear coated this morning. All that is left is to do the final tweaks on 30 odd troops, weather them, and seal them as well (no small task) and I will be finished.

As all of us, the faithful few that will make the trek to this weekends battles and debauchery make your final preparations, let me say this.

"To each of you I wish a safe and speedious journey. With podcasts and music and good discussion to melt away the hours upon the blacktop. My Skorne stand ready to defend me on the fields come Friday. My Howling Griffons, commanders marshaling their troops and preparing for the battles to come. As ork Mechs fuel and load missiles and bombs upon my tiny AA Ork fighters and my chaos fleet musters for FSA proxy I do shout to the outer rafters..."


Monday, March 22, 2010

4 Days to Adepticon!

Hey guys Huron here again, how is everyone doing? So day marks the release of Episode 3 of Gamers Lounge, the hobby podcast I am a co-host of. This time around we had a special guest joining us, Dan ie Max the Dog from Dice Like Thunder. He had a bit a of news to share with us, that thanks to our talk about blogs and Bills blog in particular, Dan has join us all in the world of blogging. Please go check out his blog, Max the Dog Media and sign up to follow him, I'm sure there will be great stuff coming from his blog for years to come.

S0 beside episode 3 being released, I have something big going on I have not been discussing with all of you, I am going to Adepticon which kicks opens its doors in just 4 days.

Man am I excited. I did not get to go to Gencon last year, and with the Nova Open and Games Day falling back to back in August already, there was no way I was going to be able to make it to Gencon again this year. So when Bill expressed an interest in going to Adepticon I jumped at the chance to to go along and get my fill of massive multi-day con for this year.

Here is a break down of where you will be able to find me:.

Thursday - On the road. Bill and I are taking the 10.5 hour drive and turning it into a 12 -13 hour drive so that we get stop and get some good food along the way. Thursday night we expect to get in and crash, however there is some talk of doing some drunken painting with the DLT and The Warbanner crew which could be tons of fun.

Friday - Friday sees me stepping up and pulling the Skorne from the case and throughing down at the 50pt caster kill Warmachine/Hordes tournament. This will be my first big tournament in Mark 2 and the first time I will have played using the recently released Final Skorne pdf, so it has me worried but it should be good time. If you find yourself in the Privateer Press Hall come look me up. I will be the tallest guy in the room wearing a Black Press Ganging shirt that is actually playing in the event. Also I should have on a Name Tag that will be hard to miss, with all the logos of things I am assoicated with on it.

Friday Night - I am not sure what Friday night has in store for me. I expect Alcohol and podcast crashing will fit in there somewhere.

Saturday Morning - Saturday morning Bill and I will be leading a sizable expedition of Podcasters and gamers to Lou Mitchells for Breakfast about 9:30 - 10. If you live in the Chicago area and want to come hang out, we'd love to have you.

Saturday Day/Evening - Saturday is my free day. It will be a day of pick up games, podcasting, and some 40K challenge matches. Come find me, I should be either in the minatures hall or down at the bunker getting my 40K, Malifaux, or FSA on (though I may be helping demo some Areonautica Imperialis as well). I will be wearing my Red IFL bowling Shirt and will probably have another custom name badge on.

Saturday Night - Around 10 DLT is having its yearly get together at Hooters from 10am to 1pm. 3 hours of wings, beer, and gaming talk while hooters girls walk around and bring us more drinks... sound like a good time to me!

Sunday Morning - I have a painting class from 10-12 about how to kicking my painting skills up to a compitition level.

Sunday Day - More free time for me. While I plan to spend sometime checking out the 40K championships, the Privateer Press Championships, and taking some photos and some video, if you want a game, I will be looking for one.

Sunday Evening - Poker. This year is the first post-Adepticon Poker tournament. I'm looking forward to getting my Texas-hold'em on Sunday night

Monday - Heading home. Bill and I will be driving back Monday, tried but happy hopefully!

Well that is it. If you are going to be at Adepticon, please come say hello, I am hard to miss. If you are not... Well why aren't you?

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Using the Old to Inspire the New

Hey guys, Huron here again. Sorry about yesterday. Things got a bit nasty and I didn't mean for it to get so out of hand. So as you all know (or if this is the first time reading my blog in a while or ever) I have been beating my head against a wall trying to figure out what to do when the new Blood Angels book comes out. I have talked about playing Jump Pack heavy, playing Death Company heavy, and have resisted the urge and criticized the fluffiness of going Predator heavy.

After all of this what do I know? I want to play a decent, mid level list with a good strong theme and which has some flexibility to include a variety of the things I really like from the new codex, and not necessarily all at once.

These include things like the new Sanguinary Priest elite characters, the new Death Company and Death Company Dreadnought, the Librarian Dreadnought, and the Sanguinary Guard. I also think a 5 man Assault squad in a razorback is about one of the coolest choices around.

What I don't want to do is play a lopsided gimmick list that has a variety of cool elements but only 25 models and no real interlacing theme, which is all to possible. Step in the Howling Griffons.

For the last 5 months now I have dedicated myself to finding a regular space marine army that works, is tactically flexible, and which is effective against a variety of armies. Khan and the boys have done well by me and it is only the changing environment and a sudden realization that if I played something other then Eldar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, or a Space Marine chapter of some kind, that my list would not hold up like I wanted it too and so I grudgingly changed up the list. However perhaps I can take that Khan list (which you can find here) and tweak it for Blood Angels. Maybe it might work better and solve all these problems I have been bashing my head over.

First I needed to find a leader to replace Khan, one with some interesting nitch special rules and that both aided the army and helps to enrich the theme. All the Blood Angels special character are pretty expensive, but the regular non-special ones are just a bit too generic.

Sanguinor, Mephiston, and DC Tycho are right out. They are not independent characters and can not join and support my squads like I want my leader to be able to do. Dante and Astoroth are both cool, but over 200pts each and Dante's fluff has him leading a jump pack army and Astoroth a DC one and my army is probably not going to specialize in either of those so they are out too. That leaves just two characters, non-DC Tycho and Seth, Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. I decided pretty early on I didn't want to do a Flesh Tearers list, so that just left Tycho.

Tycho is a pretty cool character, but he has suffered in previous books from being very under powered. Not anymore. Now he has Rites of Battle, a masterly crafted Combi-Meltagun which can shoot different ammo types like the Sternguard, and a gauntlet that hits like a Monstrous Creature (at str 4), rolls 2D6 for Armor Penetration, and has digital lasers... oh and he has preferred enemy vs Orks. Cool. Lots of not that unbalanced special rules, some cool fluff, and a Leader for my army.

1850pts Blood Angels 3rd Company Army

HQ - Tycho
EL - Librarian Dreadnought
EL - (5) Assault Terminators w/ 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, 1 Tw-Lightning Claw
EL - Dedicated Transport: Landraider w/ Extra Armor, Multimelta
El - Sanguinary Priest w/ Terminator Armor, Power Weapon
TR - 10 Tactical Marines w/ Power Weapon, Flamer, Lascannon + Rhino
TR - 10 Tactical Marines w/ Power Weapon, Flamer, Lascannon + Rhino
TR - 5 Assault Marines w/ Power Fist & Inferno Pistol, Meltagun + Razorback w/ H-flamer
TR - 5 Assault Marines w/ Power Fist & Inferno Pistol, Meltagun + Razorback w/ H-flamer
FA - Landspeeder Typhoon w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher, H-flamer

Now you'll notice, no DC or DC Dread, both things I wanted to include. Well one thing I realized way back and I needed to remind myself of in this list is that marines play best when you take a static core of basic Marines, character, and support (in this case 2 Tactical, 2 Assault Squads, Tycho, the Librarian Dreadnought, and the Typhoon) and then one or two big things and switch them in and out. That means I can take out the Sanguinary Priest, Terminators, and Landraider and replace them with a Chaplain, 9 Death Company in a Rhino, and a Death Company Dreadnought in a Drop Pod (for around the same cost) and still have a good solid army that will play well. This chunk, about 580pts worth of the army, gives me some breathing room and flexible variety when playing with the army.

This, if nothing else gives me a starting point so I can tweak things from here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Embracing the DC, Black is Back

Hey guys, Huron here again. 2 posts in one day, crazy I know. Well I have been thinking over the Blood Angels and trying to decided what I want to use when the new book comes out. I am an old school BA fan and have run the army a few different times over the years and one of my favorite aspects has always been the Death Company. Add in some fantastic new plastic DC models and it is easy to want to use them.

So one of my favorite things in the new book is the DC Dreadnought. While it takes up a Troops choices and since it is a vehicle does not score, this monsters is just nasty. The DC read is a front armor 12, WS 5 Furioso that is immune to crew stunned and crew shaken rolls. Additionally you can upgrade the Blood Fist (Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons) with Blood Claws (extra cool Lightning Claws). Blood Claws are really nice as they allow you to attack again everytime you wound an enemy models, which with WS 5, Str 6 Lightning Claws is going to have very frequently.

So here is a Death Company themed 1850pts list. I included Astorath the Grim as he removes the 0-1 maximum from Death Company squads changes the Blood Frenzy rule effect BA squads on a 1-3 instead of just on a roll of a 1. I also got a Sanguinary Priest and a Dreadnought Librarian into the army which if you read my Blog last week you know I'm excited about.

Back in Black, 1850pt Blood Angels Themed Army

HQ - Astorath the Grim
HQ - (5) Honor Guard w/ Chapter Banner, Powerfist
EL - Librarian Dreadnought + Drop Pod
EL - Sanguinary Priest w/ Power Weapon
TR - (5) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon, Meltapistol + Drop Pod
TR - (5) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon, Meltapistol + Drop Pod
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer + Drop Pod
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer + Drop Pod
TR - (10) Tactical Squad w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Lascannon
TR - (10) Tactical Squad w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Lascannon

One of the first things to notice is no regular transports except 5 Drop Pods, so I am not taking advantage of the BA fast vehicles. I could replace the DCs Drop Pods with rhinos or razorbacks but would probably need to drop the Sang Priest to do so. Second, no FA Baal Preds or HS Predators or Vindicators. Most players are going to tell you, start with 5-6 Predators and go from there. While I agree this is a strong choice, how is it fluffy or thematic? What is you theme when you have 5-6 Predators in your army that are stripped down and maximized for being low point costs, expendable, and have maximum fire power? I can't figure it out, at least not a good strong theme that isn't so thin that it is trasparent, so I will be avoiding them till I come up with something.

Let me know what you think.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

Hey guys, Huron here again. So I have some good and some bad news.

Good news: My home computer is working again, allowing me to post and respond from home again.

Bad news: My home computer while working, is not working well. I have been having problem getting it to recognize the MPG 4 files my camera takes so I am not able to edit and compile them into videos to share, so still no SVDM footage or any other battle reports for now.

Sigh, I am really getting sick of this, and if I wasn't going to Adepticon in 2 weeks I probably would have gone out and gotten a cheap internet capable machine with enough ram to process some video too. I still may end up doing this in April.

Stay tuned this week however as I continue to talk about Blood Angels and my ideas on how to field them. Goatboy over at Bell of Lost Souls posted an interesting list along the lines of where I'd like to go in the long run. I suggest checking it out.

See you guys next time.

Friday, March 12, 2010

On Wings of Fire

Hey guys Huron here. Well to continue the topic that has been running this week, creating a strongly themed Blood Angels army list using the new codex. I have to admit, its been tough and I have had a few near break downs as I keep steering to the nasty and not the thematic.

Well I have something for you. It is not a final list, but a starting point I think. I was not able to get the Librarian Furioso Dreadnought into the list or the Terminator Assault squad led by Sanguinary Priest that I have been talking about. I have already started gathering bitz for both so either way I am going to end up with one of each eventually. But to follow along with the "Wings of Fire" jump pack themed army I mentioned in my last post I present to you:

On Wings of Fire, a 1850pt Blood Angels Army

HQ - Reclusiarch w/ jump pack
Free HQ - Honor Guard w/ jump packs, 2 meltaguns
HQ - Librarian w/ jump pack
Free HQ - Honor Guard w/ jump packs, 2 meltaguns

TR - (8) Assault Marines w/ jump packs, Power Weapon + Melta Pistol, flamer
TR - (8) Assault Marines w/ jump packs, Power Weapon + Melta Pistol, flamer
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Fist + Melta Pistol, meltagun
TR Transport - Razorback w/ Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Fist + Melta Pistol, meltagun
TR Transport - Razorback w/ Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

HS - Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armor
HS - Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armor
HS - Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armor

The 2 HQ choices join the 2 jump pack Assault Squads. Each Assault Squad is followed by an Honor Guard Squad, which comes with a free Sanguiary Priest. Everything else is fast and can get where you need it quickly and is setup to taken down armor or troops. The list is a bit Spammie which I am not a fan of, but it is just a starting list.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Theme vs Power, plus the Nova Open

Hey guys, Huron here again, still thinking about and playing around with the new Blood Angels army list. Yesterday I went a bit nuts thinking of combos and talking out strategies with MVB from Whiskey & 40K and then mashing them around in my head. You should definitely check out MVB's blog, he is one of the stronger tournament players in my area and is known for his strong, flexible, hard hitting lists.

On a side note, he is part of the crew running the Nova Open, a 128 players GT Qualifier (64 40k and 64 Fantasy slots) happening in Chantilly,VA on Aug 14th and if you are a local or don't mind a bit of travel I think you should check this out as it is looking like it is going to be a big hit and will probably become an annual event. Checkout the Nova Open website by clicking here for all the details and to register for the event. I was the first person to sign up for the 40K tournament, which is going to be played at 2,000pts, so you are at least guaranteed one easy win.

But lets get back to the main purpose of this post, the new Blood Angels codex. As any one who has looked at the codex will have gleaned pretty quickly, you can field and an extremely large amount of armor or dreadnoughts in the new BA book. With all the Rhinos chassis vehicles being fast, and Baal Predators being seperate from regular predators and a fast attack choice. Players can easily field 5-6 Predator or 3 Baals and 2-3 Vindicators for maybe a 3rd of the lists points. Put that much fire power in, all on fast, front armor 13 tank chassis seems like a no brainor. With a core of nastiness like that you could take whatever else you wanted and do well. Or, for those that love walkers, it is possible to take as many as 11 walkers in a standard lists, provided you also take at least 25 Death company. And that doesn't mean 11 standard shootie dreads, but 3 shootie dreads which can all be upgraded to venerables, 5 Weapon Skill 5 assaulty Death Company Furiosos, and 3 Furiosos which can all be upgrade to Librarians if you choose. Not bad, Not bad at all.

However, where does theme come into all of this. The new BA book has some nasty combos and I for see spam heavy armies that decimate a variety of lists on the battlefield but which will be comprised of a Hodge Podge of nice looking and possibly nicely painted models but which will have little to no contextual theme through out the whole of the army. This leads to my dilemma.

Is having a strong theme more important than having a tweaked, powerful army. Here is a case in point; Assault Terminators vs Death Company. 5 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminator come in at just over 200pts. Same for a 10 man squad of Death Company with a few weapon upgrades. Both squads are strong on their own but need an additional character and a transport to be truly powerful. Terminators need a Sanguinary Priest that gives them Furious Charge and Feel No Pain, two abilities the DC already have. Then either a Landraider of some type or a Storm Raven to get them where they need to go. All this comes in around a whopping 500pts or more.

Death Company on the other hand either need a Chaplain or a Reclusiarch (a 3 wound HQ chaplain) which allows them to reroll both attack and damage rolls on the charge and a transport of their own as well. This again ends up in the 500+ points level. Both choices are solid and characterful, and make great center piece units (especially if you add on a couple of DC Dreads to the Death Company Unit), but upon fiddling with some lists I have found that there is no way to include both in a BA army.

Another example is assault squads. There is a very nice build that costs around 150pts for a 5 man assault squad that allows you to deal with tanks. One nice feature of the BA assault squad is that instead of being able to switch their jump packs for a rhino for free, they now can switch them for any vehicle in the list at a discounted price. So players now have the option to add some fire power with their assaults squads transport, and in the current tournament Meta, taking small units in transports with lots of meltas is better then big units outside them. However BAs have a special rule called Descent of Angels which allows models arriving from deep strike to only scatter 1D6 instead of two and I believe either reroll the dice to come in or the scatter die (it has been a few days since I looked at the rule last).

How cool would it be to see five or six squads of Blood Angels deep striking in on "Wings of Fire" (I am coining the name for this sort of themed list) lead by several character with jump packs. Tactically this is a bad plan. With MEQ armies and Inquisitors with Mystics hiding everywhere this army is going to have a rough time of it, but man... it does strike the imagination.

And that is where the Theme of your army comes in. Do you go for power or do you go for imagery and a strong linked theme to your list? If you listened to the first Gamers Lounge podcast you will know my thinking on running a power list as a theme (Theme needs to tie the models in the army together and relate to the 40k fluff in some way to be really solid in my opinion, my Howling Griffons for example have a theme of everything being name after the Arthurian Legends. It is an okay theme... but not a strong one).

This is where I am right now, trying to decide which choice to make and attempting to find a way to balance a little bit of both in an 1850 to 2,000pt list. What should I do?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BA Silliness, Working on a list...

Hey guys, Huron here again. Another day without computer access a home, sigh. But instead of sitting ideally on my hands I have been doing a number of things, including playing around with army list ideas for a new Blood Angels army (Thanks Ron for the pic). If you check out my earliest posts on this here Blog-a-ma-thing you'll notice I used to have a BA army I was working on. Actually Blood Angels (and some Khorne Warriors I was painting) were the inspiration for the name Blood and Blades, but I digress.

So I have been fooling around with list ideas, as I know many have, and I thought I would share a rather silly one I came up with (I don't know, it could be not that silly, just seems it as it starts with 2 models on the table).

HQ - Reclusiarch (3 wound Chaplain) w/ Pfist (and Power Weapon)
EL - Sanguinary Priest w/ Terminator Armor (comes with Power Weapon)
EL - (5) Terminators w/ 4 Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shields, 1 Twin Lightning Claw
TR - (10) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon (Do not score)
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer, Blood Claws
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer, Blood Claws
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Weapon, Meltabombs, & Melta-Pistol, Meltagun
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Weapon, Meltabombs, & Melta-Pistol, Meltagun
HS - Stormraven
HS - Stormraven

All this comes out to 2K on the nose.

Okay, so Reclusiarch, (10) Death Company, and DC Dread in one Stormraven; Sanguinary Priest, (5) Terminators, and DC Dread in other Raven. The 2 Assault Squads Deep Strike or are held in reserves. (Alternately you could switch the jump packs out for Drop Pods for free)

Turn 1, Stormravens move fast, use machine spirit to fire Assault Cannon (or Twin-Lascannon if you upgraded it for free) at things that can hurt the Ravens.

Turn 2, move 6, Disembark everything, unleash hell with the Ravens (4 Str 8 AP 1 Krak Missiles, 3 HB shots, 4 AC shorts).

Assault squads drop in, hopefully hit or scatter only 1D6 thanks to Decent of Angels special rule and Melta high armor threats.

Clean up whatever is left with what disembarked from the Storm Ravens.
- 43 Furious Charge Attacks from DC+Reclusiarch that reroll to hit and to wound.
- 20 Furious Charge Attacks from Terminators+Sang Priest, all at Strength 9 or Init 5.
- Dreads Flame/melta then head into combat with Blood Claws (Lightning Claws that are Str 6 (thanks to being on a dread), WS 5, that let it attack again for every wound rolled), with Furious Charge if within 6" of the Sang Priest.

Oh and did I mention it all has Feel No Pain?

Yeah, that is what I call ugly.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rethinking the Howling Griffons

Hey guys, Huron here again. Well with my computers down and no way for me to post tidbits and battle reports from the St. Valentines Day Massacre and any of the other stuff I have been doing, I thought I would discuss something that has been weighing heavily on me lately.

Here is the current list I have been running for my Howling Griffons at 1850pts.

Kar'sarro Khan
Librarian w/ Terminator Armor, Storm Shield
(10) Tactical Squad w/ Pfist, Flamer, Missile Launcher
(10) Tactical Squad w/ Pweapon, Flamer, Missile Launcher
(10) Tactical Squad w/ Pfist, Melta, Multimelta
(5) Tactical Squad w/ Pfist & Combi-Melta
(3) Rhinos w/ Extra Armor & Razorback Extra Armor for above squads
(5) Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shields
Landraider Transport (for Termies) w/ Multimelta
(2) Landspeeder Typhoons w/ Missile Launchers and Heavy flamers (squadron)

While this list works great vs Tyranids and Eldar (without Eldrad), I have been having some trouble with it vs Orks, other marine armies, and pretty much everything else. So while this list is all nice and tweaked, I think I have gone to far and it no longer has the punch it needs. So far I have come up with a few alternate lists, with this one being the best so far in my opinion.

Librarian w/ Terminator Armor, Stormshield
(10) Tactical w/ Pfist, Flamer, Lascannon
(10) Tactical w/ Pfist, Flamer, Lascannon
(2) Razorbacks (for above squads) with Twin-Lascannon
(5) Scouts w/ Powerfist + Landspeeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer
(5) Scouts w/ Powerfist + Landspeeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer
Landspeeder Typhoon w/ Missiles and Heavy Flamer
(5) Assault Terminators w/ Thunder Hammer & Stormshields
Landraider Transport (for Termies) w/ Multimelta
(2) Vindicators w/ Extra Armor, Storm Bolters

That is 1850pts on the nose. The main thing I did was cut down my HQ choices to 1 (saving myself 160pts) and switched out 2 tactical squads with transports with cheaper scouts squads in storms. Then I dropped one Typhoon, upgraded the 2 remaining Tactical Squads and added in the punch of 2 Vindicators. While I am not sure how this list will play, I do think it is worth breaking out the models and trying it out. I have everything I need except for 1 Landspeeder Storm.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts. I am really struggling with making the above changes and just not sure if I am right or wrong about some of the choices I have made. I'd love to know what your thoughts.

Gamers Lounge - Episode 2

Hey guys Huron here again. Today sees the release of Episode 2 of Gamers Lounge, the bi-monthly hobby podcast I am one of the hosts of. Nix and I talk about a variety of topics including the New Battle Missions book and our adventures with it so far, Sportmanship in tournaments and whether or not it is important, and how to get the most out of the tools available to you when blogging.

I also have an updated on my computer situation. The problems with my laptop were fixed over the weekend only to have new ones crop up on Sunday, so I am still without computer access at home. I hope to have this problem fixed in the next few days, but it could be till next weekend before I can publish anything again.

More as I have it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

Hey guys, just wanted to post this real quick. I have been having some trouble with my home computers (yes both of them) and have not been able to access the web or even Windows on either since Friday. That said all the juicy St. Valentines Day Massacre details I have for you have been delayed till after I get things up and running, as I have no way to edit video or even download the pics I took.

Things should be back to normal soon. Thank you for understanding.

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