Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey guys Huron here.  I figure it is about time for an update.  I am currently taking part in hobby challenges on 2 separate forums which has me busy busy.  Thankfully I have been able to merge the 2 challenges and work on one army.  I am taking part in a Grey Knight monthly challenge on The Painted Dragon and the 10 month New Army Hobby Challenge on the Independent Characters Podcast Forum.  For both I am building and painting a Grey Knight army as an Ordo Xenos Death Watch army.

On the Painted Dragon me and 3 other members have agreed to assemble and paint a unit and all paint them in the same month.  It is good way to spend a bit more time on a unit and focus on one unit at a time.  Last month was a squad of 5 Terminators and this month is a 5 man Strike Squad.  Last month I didn't get my Terminators done so I have been working on both the Terminator and Strike Squad.  Well I'm less then 2 days from July 1st and I'm rounding in on finishing both squads.  Here is where I am.
Strike Squad:

So the strike squad is pretty much right there still. Tonight I will be jumping in and see how far I can go with them.  The only thing I have done with them is start the chest eagles and wash the silver arms with Black Wash.  The terminators are much farther along.  The faces are just about done, they have eyes painted in details have been highlight, the small shields have had the white Inquisitorial I added to them, etc.  Pretty much all I have to do is finish the purity seals, gems/lens, and the glow on the swords.  Then I have to do the bases which I have primed.  I am using Dragon Forge Design's Concrete Rubble bases.

Now, too add to the madness of getting these two units painted, I committed to building a large portion of the infantry for this army for the Independent Characters New Army Hobby Challenge.  So the reason I am so far behind on getting these guys finished is I built 36 kit bashed space marines this month.  I built a Crowe proxy model (which might get redone next month), 25 Purifiers, and a 10 man Strike Squad (of which the 5 Strike models for this month come from).  Here are some pics:


Strike Squad:


Okay guys, so I will let you know how the painting goes and as the project advances I will post more pics.  Next month has me diving into a pretty aggressive Dread Knight Conversion which I need to paint too.  I also need to continue the building madness with a 10 man Interceptor squads and I have to finish painting the other 5 guys in the strike squad.  Besides 40K, I have also painted 600pts of LW Germans for Flames of War, around 1250pts of MW Africa core German army and some new Outcast Malifaux stuff I've had sitting around that I need to post up here.  More pics to come.


  1. That's a brutal painting schedule you've got there!
    They will look fantastic when they're all done. Do you have a quick painting scheme/method for all these guys or are you going to paint them all a unit at a time with a bit more attention?

  2. The plan is 5 at a time. This month I have been working on 10 (5 strike squad and 5 Terminators) sort of at the same time. However really I do 5 to a level then do the other 5 to the same level. Then I go back to the original 5 and push them to the next level, etc. I am not 100% happy with the scheme but I think it is a good start for now.


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