Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day - How Many Points is too Many Points?

Hey guys, thanks for checking in on this day of days... Old Stuff Day!  So all sorts of bloggers across the community are getting together today to share some of their old and not as loved posts today.  I thought I would share post 30 of Blood & Blades, from way back in September 2009.  The post is called "How Many Points is too Many Points?" and feature's my friend Chris and I throwing down in an epic scale game of planet strike.  As you go through is some of the shots there will be little pin pricks of blue on the green table... those of full 10 man squads of Marines, that is the scale we are playing at.

What the article is really about though is planning your games, and figuring out what you can reasonably play in the time you have.  So I hope you enjoy my contribution to Old Stuff Day, next time back to another review of 15mm plastic tanks and soldiers.

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