Monday, February 28, 2011

The Guild Got Gutted (or GGG)

Hey guys, Huron here again with a post event report.  So this weekend saw me and 7 others of my regular crew from Huzzah Hobbies, my local LGS head a hour north to play in a 35ss Malifaux Tournament in Waynesboro, PA. 

There were 8 of us and 4 of them.  I chose to play Guild and use the Henchman Lucius as my master.  My Crew consisted of :
  • Lucius (Henchman)
  • Drill Sergeant Totem (3ss)
  • 2 Guild Guard Captains (7ss each, Rare 2)
  • 3 Guild Guard (4ss each)
  • Ryle (8ss)
Some of you may notice that my full crew comes out to 37ss in a 35ss tournament.  Well one of the nice things that separates Henchman from Masters is that the Henchman's starting Cache of stones is added to the starting soul stone pool which you take them as a Master, allowing you to actually spend more ss then the game would normally allow.

The general tactic of this crew is the advance towards the enemy, stop 8-10 inches away from them, and start blasting the enemy at ranged with all sorts of bonus flipped attack and damage ranged attack flips.  Then when the enemy gets tired of getting shot up and engages you beat them down with Crit Striking melee love.  Fun.  Or at least that is what it looks like on paper.  In actuality you either do lots of damage to your enemy killing them outright or not enough (usually not enough) and are forced to engage them on their terms which is all bad.

Game 1
My first game put me up against a Kurai Ressurrectionist list.  Now Kurai and her whole crew are spirits for the most part, or can take on the ability of spirits.  Spirits can move through terrain, don't block line of sight, and halve all non-magical damage they take.  Since my crew tends to either to really high damage or 1 or 2 points of damage at a time, that pretty much nullifies my low damage and severely reduces my high damage.  Add in a LOS blocking terrain piece in the middle of the table which Kurai never moved out from behind, and Jack Daw running around on the table and that was it for me.  LOSS 3vp - 0vp

Game 2
My second game was against a Pandora Neverborn Player who had also taken Jack Daw.  In an average game I would have had a decent shot against her, but we played on a board that had a special effect of every model only has a LOS of 3" unless it had the Hunter special rule, then that models LOS was 6".  Long story short, no shooting for the Guild, which crippled me; Jack Daw moved over to my objective and put up an aura every turn then stopped me from cheating fate or using soul stones within 6" of him... and Since my LOS was 3", yeah... you get the picture; and Ryle got nerfed by Pandora so I ended up running Lucius into combat to see what he could do, getting him killed, and then forfeiting the game.  LOSS 8vp - 0vp

Game 3
My third game was against a happy go lucky guy playing Rasputina the ice witch Arcanist Master.  Our game was pretty fun, us going back and for joking, make noise as our models moved and did actions and having a fun game.  Then last turn was called.  I was sitting at 6vp and he had 4.  I finished activating my last model with him having 2 more to go.  He looked at me and said "What do I need to do to win and have you get Zero?"  We looked at it and then he proceed to do what he need to have me get another zero.
LOSS 4vp - 0vp

So at the end of the day I ended up with zero total points, coming in dead last of 12 players.  Thankfully the guys I went with ended up taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and everyone else placed in the upper end of the spectrum.

Additionally, before the tournament started me and 3 other of the guys I went with placed a side bet which had the loser, me, buying the first round after the tournament. The tournament was set so that you could not use the same schemes in any of your games.  So the bet was to come out at the end of the event with the most schemes completed, but you had to choose and lock in your schemes that you were going to use each game before the first game began.  Bill managed to get 6 of his over the 3 games, with John and Chris both getting more then half of theirs. (nice job guys)

What does this mean for me...  Do I work on my game, buy more models, paint more stuff, and go for not having to buy the beer next time?  Or do I call it quits, hang up the Hat, and ebay my crews and move onto greener pastures (They don't exist!).  Well for now at least, I have already paid money to play in 2 tournament for Malifaux, one at Adepticon (Sunday 35ss Scrap) in April and one at the Nova Open (Friday 30ss Scrap) in August so I will at least be continuing my growing love/hate relationship with Malifaux until then.  Will I continue after that?  Only time will tell.

Thanks for letting me ramble, see you next time.


  1. I vote for keep playing 1 crew, borrow others if you want to change, and try out at least 5 games with each list before you change it.

    5 games is a lot, but given 10 games or so and I think your love/hate relationship will push closer to love than hate.

  2. Huron,
    I just bought three crews so I can get things going! I choose the undertakes lot for myself, the von schill outcasts, and lady justice and her big boobs, for my noob friends. I'm really rxcitrd about trying this game out

  3. Matt, glad to have you aboard. Come Nova Open or the next BFS event we will need to get in a game.

  4. I hear Cutlass! is going to be good =P

  5. GGG?
    Final Fusion APPROVED!

  6. I also vote you keep playing... Yours is the second report of the 'event' and it seems the table rules are was was causing the main problems there.

    Having a table where you could only see 3" in front of you would totally disadvantage some Crews. Your spellcaster crews wouldn't be able to target anyone and if they came up against a Melee based force it unbalances the game one way or the other.

    I'd say get some games in without any table rules to get back into it.

    If you want we could start throwing some strats around again with Lucius to see what we can figure out to get working better. I'm still not convinced running Lucius as a master is the way to go in bigger games but around the 25SS it does seem to work better.

  7. Nix posted on Whiskey & 40k that it was a 30ss scrap not 35 for the Open. Which I will also be attending. I really hope that you do continue the game as I would love to get a game in with you guys that Friday. Listening to the Lounge is what got me into playing Malifaux and in turn got some friends of mine in MD playing as well.

  8. Well if you are just up in MD you guys should come down to Nix's next tournament. It is on Saturday the 19th at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. You can find the stores address at Just send an email to if you plan to attend so Bill can know you are coming.

  9. I too think you should keep playing. Lucius looks hard to start off with though... perhaps try Lady J or Perdita?

    Lady J would have been good in the Forest board, most other models can't charge (need LOS) but she can charge away!


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