Monday, February 6, 2012

Colossals... Uh Wa?!?!?

 Well so big news out of Templecon this past weekend, this summer Colossals will be released for Warmachine.  Now for those of your who love the Warmachine back story like I do, no these are not old Colossals from the past that have been refurbished and put back into service, these are new Colossals that have secretly been in productions by nations all over the Iron Kingdoms for years (in planning since Superiority supposedly).  For the uninitiated (Why aren't you?!?) Colossals will be the equivalent to around Stompa or Knight Titan power levels for 40K.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bah Bah Stormraven!

Hey Guys, Huron here again.  Well last month for a joint motivational thread on a forum I post on regularly, The Painted Dragon, I decided to paint a Blood Angels Stormraven that I had sitting around.  I started working on it and found it to be a total nightmare.  The kit must have been warped as nothing went together right.  I ended up having to glue this bad boy shut and then still head to spend several days filling gaps in the body and fixing cracks and damage cause by all the excess glue I had to use to get it to say together.  Thank god for Liquid Green Stuff.

Well after a bit of work I finally got this bad boy ready for prime and paint.

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