Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Plan

Hey guys, Huron rolling in for another post. Sorry, no video battle reports yet, I know I promised Tuesday but my evenings have been full of recovering from the Nova Open, Malifaux, and Warhammer Fantasy so I have not had time to get the editing I need to do done. That said check back tomorrow as I plan to get some serious editing done this evening.

So I have a plan. Is it a good plan? Is it a plan I will stick to? I am not sure of either but it is a plan none the less.
  1. Finish painting Malifaux Outcasts and 2k of BAs I was working on last week. Build some terrain for Malifaux.
  2. Really 1b, try out the marine list Stelek devised for me in 5-10 games to see how viable they are and how well I can adopt/figure out the suggested tactics. I need to build a Captain on Bike for the army as well.
  3. Finish painting the 2.5k of Lizardmen I have floating around. Also begin building and prepping the models that I need to paint for final 2k Griffons list based on list Stelek proposed that I have now tested.
  4. Paint up Griffons while playing some test games with Blood Angels.
  5. Start working on Malifaux Resurrections/ Other Projects
  6. Profit!
So that is my plan, well maybe not the profit part, but man I sure wish I could figure out how to add that one in for real.

Let me know what you think of my plan, and what the odds are I can stick to it. If the odds are interesting enough I might just put something down on them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nova Open is over.

Hey guys, Huron here again. How is everyone. Well the Nova Open has come and gone, and it has left yours truly with some big dilemmas to figure out. For starters I spent a bunch of money upgrading my computer to better handle the requirements demanded of it to broadcast the Open live on Friday and Sunday. This improvements did not to help at all and we had to use Bill's machine for most of the heavy lifting.

Secondly I played in the tournament on Saturday and in a pickup game on Sunday vs Pat's (from the 11th company podcast) Chaos Daemon army. Man did I get spanked. I only won 1 game all weekend, and just barely at that. Never fear, though as I have video to edit into video battle reports to be posted. Expect the first batch to show up here tomorrow.

So with that said, I am left with a dilemma, as I said before. What should I do with the Griffons? They are my best painted army (waiting to see what kind of paint score I got) and probably the only one that will be of that quality when I move onto playing prep games for the Battle for Salvation Open coming in October which, I will be attending. I have my new BA army, which is in the mid level painting stages right now, still a long way to go with lots of play testing to do (still have not played a game with this army yet) before I come up with a final version of a list I could use. Alternatively I could reach into the depths of my gaming closet and pull out one of many projects hiding in there.

I have an idea... and the models for a hard hitting mech hybrid Chaos Marine army that combines aspects of how Mech Guard is played and the current Dread/Monsterous Creature method that is doing well right now. Alternately I could pull the Orks from the depths and give them a go again. Lots to paint in that army but I think it could be fun to play them. The Eldar Exodite (Jetbike Army) is still a work in progress idea so that is out. As is the Renegade IG as I am pretty poor right now and I would need to rebuy/rebuild up the the armored component of the army. Tau would be do able, but I am worried about the competitiveness of the army and the amount of time the learning curve would take to master.

So what does that leave me. BAs, Chaos Marines, Orks, and doing some sort of retool of the Griffons to make them more effective. Maybe revamp them a bit into a Space Wolf list. I really have to agree with Dash of Pepper's comment on Dakka Dakka in the Nova Open thread where he said Space Wolves are not necessarily the best army out there, but a decent player will have just as good a chance of doing well with them as a great player with another army. Since I am only I feel a decent player, maybe I should bight the bullet and revamp the Griffons into a Space Wolves army. I have the models sitting around I would need, or at least most of them and it would allow me to flex some of my conversion muscles that I haven't used in a while when making some Thunder Wolf Cav for the army (Already have a conversion in mind, more on it later if I decide to go this way).

What do you guys think? Get the BA's done and start playing them and hope I have time to tweak the list by October? Tweak the Griffons and go Space Wolf? Should I dust off Orks and give them another try? Or should I build the Chaos Marine army I have been thinking about and planning out recently?

What do you think I should do?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nova Open!

Hey guys Huron here, well this weekend is the Nova Open. My Howling Griffons and I will be there all weekend experiencing this tournament. Also, the Games Lounge will be broadcasting live Friday and Sunday on U-Stream so that all you unlucky people who don't live in the area or can't make it out can participate in the fun. Please keep reading for all the details.

Friday, August 13 at 8:00pm the NOVA Open live broadcast will open up to the internet and we hope to see you in the chat room! Preparations have been underway and we at the Gamers Lounge are excited to be hosting this broadcast from the Friday night gaming activities. We will be interviewing the players in the Whiskey Challenge, getting their insights, and tracking how their games go. Who are these players and what is the Whiskey Challenge you ask?

Andrew Sutton (Stelek, Yes the Truth Hurts) vs. Justin Hilderbrandt (Dash of Pepper, Dakka poster)
John Steele (St. John, Three Plus Save blog; YTTH co-author on occasion) vs. Jeremy Chamblee (Chumbalaya, Blackjack and Hookers blog)
Tim Williamson (The Tau of War blog) vs. Chris Dubuque (Jawaballs, The Blood Angels and Warhammer 40K by Jawaballs Blog)
Daniel Matulich (Danny Internets, Bald and Screaming blog) vs. Brad Townsend (Hulksmash, Dakka poster, Hulksmashstudios)

Then on Sunday, August 15 we will be broadcasting footage of the top table for the NOVA Open finals, the games that are determining who gets the "Vegas Golden Ticket"!

For those who can not participate in person this year, join us in the chatroom and take part in these parts of the events.

Well that is it for now. Check back next week for full coverage of the event including pictures and video and my tails and triumph and woe. Oh, and if you are going to be at the Open please come say hello and introduce yourselves. On Friday and Sunday I will be at the Holiday wearing a Gamers Lounge Shirt and on Saturday I will be wearing an Adepticon Shirt and a Black Privateer Press Ganger over shirt ( ;) ). Oh and I will very likely be the tallest guy in the room.

See you guys later.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

#100 OH YEAH! + U-Streaming

Hey guys Huron here with my 100th Post! Feels... good. Anyways enough of that. I just wanted to remind everyone I will be live on U-Stream tonight from 7 until 9. You can join me by clicking on the $100 dollar bill.

IMPORTANT! The weather out my way is pretty poor right now, a good ole several hour thunder storm. WE could use the rain but it is going to make my commute home difficult. I may be a few minutes late getting online, but never fear I will be U-Streaming tonight. Just wanted to warn you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting with HuronBH @ 7 - U-Stream

Hey guys Huron here with an announcement. Tomorrow night, 8/5/10 at 7pm Eastern Standard Time, I will be making my U-Stream Debut. I will be broadcasting a tutorial on how I paint my Blood Angels, from Primer to Completion.

The show should run roughly 2 hours and I will cover and demonstrate several painting techniques including Over Brushing, Dry Brushing, Highlighting, and the use of Washes to create nicely painted High Table Top quality miniatures relatively quickly.

This is the first of a new series of regular U-Stream shows I will be starting in October that will cover a variety of topics from painting, to conversion, to terrain building, and gaming.

Also this is a dry run for the U-Stream system that we will be using at the Nova Open on Friday Night/ Sunday Afternoon.

You can join in by clicking HERE!

I hope to see you tomorrow night.

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