Friday, April 1, 2011

Not at Adepticon... So...

Hey guys, whats up.  So I didn't make it to Adepticon this year, which stinks.  However that does mean I will the first to be able to post about some new things coming from Forge World.  Lets start with the pic below:

What do you get when you mix a wraithlord with a soulstone from a Warlock?  The new Eldar Wraithseer.  One of the coolest models to come out of FW recently (and there have been lots of cool ones, like the  Phantom Titan).

Next up is the conversion kit for the new Eldar Troop choice, the Eldar Cosair.

While I am not a fan of the wings... the heads, arms, the replacement for the Shurken Catapult, and the back packs the wings are attacked to are all pretty cool.  If I get these which is possible, I'd probably go a different way and remove the wings, replacing them with small anti-grav engines of some kind.

Last we have the first of what I am guessing is going to be a line of expansions to the GW Realm of Battle boards.  This 2X2 foot board runs in at 60 pounds (around 100 dollars US) and looks pretty cool.  However since I don't have a Realm of Battle game board, I probably won't get one.

Well that is it for today folks.  I'd like the say I will be back soon and hopefully I will... unless Rift eats away more of my soul and free time.

Oh and here are some links to more pics of the above and a new Red Scorpions Decal sheet.


  1. Huron,
    I thought you'd be there to tear up the streets of malifaux

  2. That battle board insert could be also used as a pretty cool display board

  3. Wraithseer is pretty sweet, and I agree on the craptacular quality of the corsair wings. Mos def not a fan. Almost has me considering a new eldar army though. But not with the new GK stuff I just picked up (got my pre order thursday WOOT!)

  4. Grey Knights? How many marine armies do you have now? Eh you Ultras at least count for 10, more like 15.

    I guess I can't say anything as I have 3 currently with the beginnings of 2 more at least, on of which maybe some form of Grey Knight.

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  6. I really like the board. It would make a good centerpiece on the table.


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