Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Blood

Hey guys, Huron here with a quick update. Above are some work in progress pics of the first half of a BA tactical squad I am current working on for the Pathfinder 1000. I have decide that I will be playing 3rd company Blood Angels, so that means White blood drops on the Right shoulder pad (painted but not visible here). I have also decided to make this Squad 3 or 3rd Company, so yellow right knee pads with a red blood drop (base yellow coat seen here).

More to come as I have it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brets for a good cause

Hey guys, Huron back again. Today I have a few things to show you. First off to the left & below are pics of a Bretonnian general I painted for a friend who won my painting services in an auction to benefit breast cancer. This auction happened down at Game Vault in Fredricksburg, VA last month and went along with a tournament to for the benefit as well. They raise several thousand dollars and had a good time or so I am told as unfortunately I was unable to attend.

So this piece is for Bill, who actually is the individual whose dedication to raising money to fight breast cancer is impressive and he is the inspiration for many in the area to sponsor gaming tournaments and events those ultimate goal is to raise money for Charity.

I have run several charity based tournaments over the years and there are plenty of opportunities out there for other people to get involve and raise money through gaming in their community. It is as simple as doing a search on the internet or looking for donation boxes in your area to find out what charities are active in your area. Then call the charity and find out what they need, whether donations of food, clothes, money, or other needs. Then organize a tournament around those requirements and off you go. You may be surprised how rewarding it can be and how many people will come out to support you. Charity tournaments always bring a wide variety of people out, usually even those that don't normally participate in tournaments.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back on track

Okay guys, just a quicky, the site is back on track... well I guess it is good enough for now. Needs some tweaking and a new banner, but I can do that later.

Technical Difficulties

Hey guys, sorry but I am experiencing some technical difficulties. I was poking around Flickr and accidentally deleted some of the background elements for my blog. Since both of my computers died recently, I have no way of fixing things. Time for a new layout... sigh. The current one was feeling a bit old anyways.

De be Vampires!

Hey guys, Huron here, how is everything going? Well I thought it was about time to share some of the work I have been doing on my new Blood Angels. Currently I am working on the above WIP Death Company, the Interior of the first Rhino (below), and the first Tactical Squad. I have also been concentrating on Magnetizing everything I can so my Baal has lots of magnets that allow me to switch up parts as I want. The turret and side doors are fully magnetized as will the sponsons when I get around to them.

As you can see from the pic of the Death Company I am doing things a bit differently, namely using the Sanguinary Guard Death Mask heads and some of the Power Weapons/ wrist bolt pistols from the same kit. There are also 2 guys carrying bolters. In the long run I think I am going to split that squad in two, creating a squad of all bolter/pfist wielding DC, and a squad using mostly SG weapon components.

I have 4 more foot DC that need paint and 6 jump pack DC to jump around with Astroth when I eventually get him finished (his axe handle broke in several places and was not easy to pin. I need to do some GS work before finishing painting the model). In contrast the Rhinos interior is coming along nicely, I just need to paint up the bolter and do a bit more highlighting and it will be complete and ready for my to start work on the exterior. My Pathfinder 1000 list has two rhinos in it, a regular one and a Death Company one. I need to get cracking on the other one soon.

And finally we come to an idea I have been struggling with, how to base the BAs. I am a really big fan of the Dragon Forge designs Resin bases but find myself kind of poor right now as I am moving to Ashburn, VA in about a month and I need to save up for the move. That said I have plenty of GS and spare bases laying around so I decided to try to sculpt some of my own, to the right is my first attempt, what do you think? The 4 on the left are just primed while the one on the far right is paint in a concept scheme, what do you guys think? Will the all stone bases work or do you think they need something more? If so what?

Well that is it for now, next time I will try to have a new Battle Report for you, but I need to find a free Video editing program that does Mpg 4 for my 64 bit Windows 7 machine. Once I do that I will have ample video as I already have the source for the first 3 battle reports recorded.

Well until next time...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2, no spoilers

What can I say, I am a bit of a power armor fanboy so it should be no surprise that I am an Iron Man fan. I collected the comics when I was a kid and I pick up Iron Man graphic novels when ever I come across them now. So no surprise, I love the movies and seeing Don Scheadle taking on the role of Brody and ending up as the bad ass Warmachine as seen to my left, you can only imagine my delight.

Last night I descended on my local movie theater at the 12:01am time slot and watched the second part of what I am sure could only end as a three part trilogy, and probably before we ever get to Avengers. So approaching this movie as part 2 of a 3 part story I can honestly say it was a good movie, much better at least then Matrix: Reloaded or part 2 movies of its like (no one has been able to match Back to the Future 2, and I hope they never do).

It featured all the same bits as Iron Man did, but with a twist as all sequels do, falling a bit into how can we make the first movie again... but different trap. As most sequels go they update existing characters, add new ones, and make the whole thing more flashy. The new characters include Mick Rourke as Whiplash (the new villian), Scarlett Johansson as the undercover shield agent Black Widow?, and Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. Rourke does an okay job of filling the shoes to power armored enemy that Jeff Bridges's Obadiah Stane was in the first Iron Man. Scarlett Johansson did what Scarlett Johansson does, dominated every scene she is in and make you forget that there are other actors on the screen, except when facing down Gwyneth Paltrow who out shines her surprisingly in every scene the pair appear in over the course of the movie.

Sam Rockwell does a good job of portraying Justin Hammer, a conceited and jealous rival to Stark's success, who I am sure will be back in Iron Man 3. The real breakouts for me in this movie though were Paltrow's portrayal of Pepper Potts, who moves from a spunky supporting star to full on main stream character in Iron Man 2; and Don Scheadle's Brody, who acted merely as comical relief in the first movie, but ends up as main stream bad ass as Warmachine, the yang to Iron Man's yin, though they completely kill Warmachine's original origins which disappoints me a small amount.

Finally Sam Jackson returns as Nick Fury (still do not like him in this role) and the Avenger plot thickens. He plays his bad ass (read I am Sam Jackson playing Sam Jackson that he always plays) self. Look for nods to many of the Avenger characters through out the movie, they are there to see. Last but not least, remember, stay til after the end credits, just stay till the lights come up, stay...

Good movie, suffered from the middle movie syndrome some, but still a fun film and one I would recommend to the Marvel fanboy and action fan alike.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEW, New, new!

Hey guys Huron back again. Today I am going to be talking about all sorts of new things. For starters Episode 6 of Gamers Lounge has hit the shelves and is ready for download on the Gamers Lounge Blog, itunes, or over on Podcast Alley. If any of you figure out how to use Podcast Alley please tell me, that site confuses the heck out of me! Additionally Check out the new Gamers Lounge Logo on the left designed by Trevor (Thanks man!). This Logo is just the first of many updates to the Blog and Podcast we are going to be making as we begin final tweaks to the branding and add some new fun things like Gamers Lounge T-shirts and more. Lots of fun stuff planned there.

Yup, if you guessed I was going to be talking about Death Company you guessed right (Pic taken from Deviant Art - by Cabal_Art without permission). My Blood Angels got underway this week as I started paint Astorath, 5 Death Company, and 2 rhinos including one for the death company. Besides Astorath, the other stuff is all in my Pathfinder 1000 paint contest list that I need to get finished before 5/30. The full list is below.

PATHFINDER 1000 - 1K Blood Angel Army

- Librarian
- Chaplain
- (5) Assault Marines + Rhino
- (5) Death Company + Rhino
- (10) Tactical Marines
- Baal Predator
- Baal Predator

In addition to that to fill out my 1500pt list I added:

- (10) Assault Squad
- (4) Additional Death Company
- Sanguinary Priests
- Death Company Dreadnought + DP

And finally we get to one of my new favorite loves... well actual a new version of an old love... Halo Reach. On Monday the Beta test went live for all those luck souls (like me) that have an X-Box 360 and Halo: ODST (I am so glad I bought it!). I finally got the 1.15g file downloaded this morning and jumped into the game around 7AM. At 9:30AM when I stopped to head to work I have played around 15 games and already reached the first two achievements and gained ranked status (Reach will have month long seasons where players compete for rankings by gaining points as they play games, we are in the preseason now).

Needless to say my time for at least this week is going to be eaten up by Reach gaming, but not before I play Mike Johnson @ 2,500pts tonight to decide whether or not he can defend his position 1 more time and become the first top ranked player to have 4 defenses on top of the Pyramid. It should be an exciting game and I will be recording a Battle Report for all to enjoy and will have it posted this weekend.

Well folks, that is it for now, have a good rest of the week!

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