Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rust Tutorial

Greetings all.  So I put together a little tutorial on how I do rust for a forum I frequent regularly, The Painted Dragon and thought I should post it here as well. Enjoy!
Okay, about time I got that rust tutorial posted.  I may come back in the future and redo this tutorial as a video, but for now this will work.

What you will need:
1. A model with areas you want to rust (in this case an Ork boy)
2. Red/Brown and Orange/Red paint (in this case P3 Bloodstone and Khador Red Highlight, but GW Darkflesh and Blazing Orange or similar will work fine)
3. Matte or Glaze Medium (Note, if using Glaze Medium you will need to have some matte varnish as it ends up shinny)
4. The pot of the last color applied before rust added (in this case Boltgun Metal) and a Drybrush

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