Friday, May 29, 2009

Bloodwing List for tomorrow.

Okay, so as those of you that read my Blog know, I am playing in a 4 round 1750pt 40K tournament tomorrow where all proceeds will be going to research to find a Cure for Leukemia. This will be the first outing of the Bloodwing and I wanted to share the list I will be playing tomorrow. Any critique, tips, or tactics you want to give me that might make my army perform better tomorrow would be helpful. Unfortunately these are the models I have available at the moment and until I expand the army some more really is the only combo, at least of Terminators that I have available to me to use.

Bloodwing 1750pt Tournament Army

130pts Captain Machealius Raphael, First Company Captain of the Blood Angels (Belail)

250pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist
280pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist, Apothecary
220pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Heavy Flamer
215pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ 5 Twin-Lightning Claws

Fast Attack
195pts (3) Bikes (Ravenwing) w/ Meltabomb, 2 Meltaguns + Attack Bike w/ Multimelta
145pts (3) Bikes (Ravnewing) w/ Meltabomb, 2 Meltaguns
65pts Landspeeder (Ravenwing) w/ Multimelta

Heavy Support
250pts Landraider Crusader

The basic battle plan is to have Raphael (Belail) and the Twin-Lightning Claw terminators mount up in the Crusader. If I have first turn then the Bikes will all use their scout move to turbo boost towards enemy vehicles to get some early melta kills. If I do not have first turn then they will use their scout move to turbo boost towards objects. Turn one will see the Landraider heading for the most heavily guarded objective/nastiest unit the enemy has with the 2 Terminator squads with Assault Cannons deep striking near cover near objectives with the bikes laying down supporting fire. The Heavy flamer Terminator squad will deep strike in where they are needed (hopefully off a Bike squad for best placement) when it becomes available. The landspeeder is held in reservers for late game tank killing/ objective contestation. If it comes in early it will probably hide the first few turns.

Let me know what you think.

Alright, as promised pics!

Hey guys, as I promised earlier today here are a whole score of pics I have been meaning to take and post. In addition to the pics I've notice that the last several weeks I have been posting on Thursdays usually so I have decided to start doing Update Thursdays as a regular bit of content (new name coming soon) on which every Thursday I will post something hobby related from techniques, to pictures of my models, or updates on what I have been working on. I expect to post more often then just on the Thursdays coming up but expect larger and longer post on Thursdays.

Okay, so now it is time for the good stuff. Lets start with the interior of the Landraider Crusader that I just finished. I am going to need this sucker on Saturday so it was important for me to get the interior done tonight.

Pic 1 is a hallway shot, looking in from the front down to the engine. Pic 2 is a close up of what the side panels look like. Pic 3 is a close up of the engine.

Next up we have the WIPs for 1st Company Captain Raphael (Belail) and the 20 Termies for my 1750 army.

As you can see Raphael was converted using peices for several GW plastic kits (7 actually) and that I still need to prime the Lightning Claw termies I intend to use as Death Company. Unfotunately I can not find the micro masking tape that I have so that I can mask off the red areas to create the DC red Xs.

As soon as I find my roll or find a place where I can get some more I will get them based.

And finally here is a complete storm of photos of my Ravening Biker Battle force that I painted in 8 days for the GW Iron Painter event. While I think I spent to much time on the bases and not enough on the models themselves, I think they still turned out good even thought the bikers need a bit more work (as do the bases which need highlights on the rocks and static grass).

The Full Box


Attack Bike

Squad 1

Squad 2

Well that is it, that is all the pics I have to share this time. Tune in next week as I post coverage of round 1 of the IFL Cure Luekemia benefit tournament happening this Saturday. Also I may through in some bonus footage of the Monpoc tournament I will be attending Sunday.

Until next time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonight I promise pictures...

Hey guys, things have been going okay for me, I've had some ups and downs. Now, lets give this post some order.

The Bloodwing - are progressing and I promise I will post pics tonight of where I am at. I have 15 terminators base coated with Blood Red, 5 more Assault Terminators all with Lightning Claws ready for their Black base coat (as they are going to end up as Death Company), and my Blood Angels Belail stand in converted and primed. I magnetized his arms as I can see using any of the three different arm setups possible for different style lists in the future. Currently he has a pair of Lightning Claws.

Also I have an update on the Ravenwing boxset I painted for GW's Iron Painter contest that ended on the 24th. I managed to place second and got some prizes and my models have been on display at GW Sugarland since Sunday. I am going to pick them up tonight as I need to finish them (still have a layer of highlight, decals, and some weathering to do to the marines) but I will post pics when I get home tonight of how they are now. They, along with the Landraider Crusader I am currently paint the interior of will fill out my 1750pt Bloodwing army.

This weekend sees the Bloodwing's first deployment in the first round on a summer series of tournaments being run in my area to benefit research to find a cure for Leukemia. There will be 3 tournaments in that series that are going to be held on the last Saturday of each month at Eagle and Empire, a local Northern Virginia LGS. The tournaments will consist of 1750pt armies and players will be earning points at each event that at the end of the 3 tournaments will be totalled. The top players will then be invited to an invitation tournament at the end of August. I plan to participate in at least 2 of the regular tournaments this summer and hope to be invited to the final.

This tournament series is just the first of several tournaments I plan to attend this summer as I try to get back into the 40K tournament scene and prepare for the 70 player MechaniCon tournament happening in November of 2009 up in Philly. While I do not have much more info then that I do know it is happening the weekend of Nov 6-8 and as I am not going to Gencon it will probably end up being my personal vacation this year.

Okay, well see you all later (stay tuned for a plethora of pics this evening).

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey guys, I know it has been a little while since I have posted anything and even longer since I provided you with some juicy pics of what I have been working on. Well fear not, while I can not provide you with anything today very soon you will get to see what I have been up to.

This week, GW stores are having an Iron Builder/Painter contest and guess who got suckered in... yup, this guy. Actually it comes at a good time. I am starting a little (not really that little) painting challenge this summer, testing both my ability to paint quality models quickly but also forcing me to up my game and add some new techniques and improve on some things I am weak at while getting a lot of models painted. More on that next week after this contest is over.

Okay, so what am I painting you ask? Well Blood Angels of course (not really of course, could have been Chaos, or Tau, or Eldar, or IG, or... or...). I have purchased and assembled a Ravenwing Battle Force which I am currently paint as Blood Angels. That said, most of the models in the Battle Force will end up being used as Ravenwing bikers in my up coming Bloodwing army that I posted a list for last week. I have broken the 6 bikes into 2 squad complete with 2 meltaguns each and a Vet Sergeant with Meltabomb. It seems I have meltas on the brain as the attack bike and the landspeeder are also equipped with Multimeltas. Things are going good. I have the interior of the Landspeeder done and the driver completed except for decals and highlights on his head.

Everything else is assembled, primed, and (except for the exterior of the landspeeder) has been base coated and had some basic highlighting done. One of the big advances for me is that pretty much all the large jobs like base coating and basic highlighting have been done with an airbrush (A first for me). Currently I am using the GW handflamer (a surprisingly good tool) and have had great success with it. I plan to in the future go out and pickup a better airbrush that will allow me to do more then just base coat and basic highlighting. But for now the GW handflamer is preforming admirably.

Well that is it for now, pics soon I promise.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


What is Bloodwing you ask? Well as you can probably guess Bloodwing a Deathwing Terminator army that I am going to be working on this summer as part of my 10 ARMY SUMMER project that I will announce next week when I am a bit more prepared. It will be painted as Blood Angels including an all Lightning Claw Terminator Assault Squad painted as Death Company.

Anyways, today I wanted to run my list past my readers and get your thoughts about what should be in a successful and competitive Deathwing Army. While I do want to win a few games it is important to know what matters to me the most when playing is that both players have fun. To that end I want there to be opportunites for lots of action and exciting momments throughtout my games of Warhammer 40k. So now that you know the premiss here is the list:

2000pt Bloodwing (Deathwing) Terminator Army

Head Quarters:
130pts - Belail
145pts - Interigator Chaplain w/ Terminator Armor

245pts - 5 Deathwing Terminators w/ Assault Cannon, 1 Thunderhammer/Stormshield
245pts - 5 Deathwing Terminators w/ Assault Cannon, 1 Thunderhammer/Stormshield
220pts - 5 Deathwing Terminators w/ Heavy Flamer
215pts - 5 Death wing Terminators w/ Twin-Lightning Claws

190pts - Dreadnought w/ Multimeltra, Extra Armor + Drop Pod

Fast Attack:
190pts 3 Ravenwing Bikes w/ 2 Meltaguns + Attack Bike w/ Multimelta

Heavy Support:
265pts Landraider Crusader w/ Extra Armor
155pts Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armor, Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter

TOTAL: 2000pts

Okay, so I have some options and there is an 1850pts version of this list too. Tactically I plan to put the Terminators with Lightning Claws in the Crusader with Belail and the Chaplian. Turn 1 the 2 assault cannon squads will come in supported by the bikes, crusader, and Predator. Option wise, 1st Option, I could remove the Dreadnought in Drop Pod and take a second 3 bike + Attack bike combo. This is what my friend who plays Dark Angels does with his Deathwing Lists. While adding more Teleport Homers and Melta Death, it robs me of some of back angle attacks and confusion that having a Dreadnought show up in the opponents back field could cause. The second option would be to drop the Chapain and add in just 3 more bikes with meltaguns.

At 1850 I drop the Predator and add a Chainfist too the Heavy Flamer Squad. For the most part I have everything for the list already (except Belail, Crusader, and Drop Pod) including the options mentioned.

What are your thoughts? What do you take and how do you use it? I want lots of advice before I purchase the Crusader and start painting this army.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sigh... Another Games Day comes and goes.

Well another Games Day has come and gone and I wanted to share with you, as many of my fellow East Coast Bloggers are doing my thoughts and experiences. First off let me say thank you to Bill over at the deadtau project ( Besides being one of my local club members Bill was nice enough to walk around Games Day and take pictures of all the stuff I missed while working at the Iron Fist Leagues Rapid Fire Tables for pretty much the whole day. You guys should go check out Bill's site when you get a chance as I think it has the best GD coverage I have seen so far this year with lots of pics of the little bit of stuff that was there to be seen. Also Bill as it turns out had time to take a pic of my Armies on Parade empty spot GW left for me even though I specificly notifed and got a response 2 days earlier that I would not be able to participate this year (as seen above).

Rapid Fire on the other hand was a big success for us with 200 or so games played over the course of the day for both 40K and Fantasy with a total of around 150 players participating in at least one game. It was a fun day of running games, giving people a place to play as GW did not have open gaming tables this year, and generally supporting other gamers fun (I really do enjoy running games but it can be easy to burn out while doing so). For those attending next year you can expect an even bigger and better event.

As to the lines, lack of new product or previews, the Golden Daemon entries and awards, and coverage of armies on parade, I will let the large amount of other Blogs touch on that as while I knew it was going on I experienced very little of it myself.

Until next time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Games Day Disappointment

Hey guys, it has been a bit. Well I have an update about Games Day and it is not good. My plan for Games Day this year has always been big and ambitious with me participating in both Golden Daemon and Armies on Parade and helping my local club, The Iron Fist League, run their variety of Games Day tables and events. I was already, my painting schedule was fixed, and everything was going good.

Then disaster. Driving home from work Wednesday night suddenly (I am being over dramatic here) my dash board is ablaze with warning lights. VSC, Check Engine, Lock Off, and several other lights are glaring at me in the dimming 7pm dusk light. I pull the car over, flip through the manual trying to discover what some of these lights like VSC are (variable skid control). So I call my dealership, call a number of place actually, and suddenly my night of painting is gone and replace with a nightmare as I secure a rental car after hours, drop car off, etc.

So the paint schedule ruined, my last few things are now going to be unpainted and while I will still be at Games Day supporting my club that is all I will be doing, no bright and shiny models to display and compete with from this guy. Sigh... Why does this happen to me so often.

Till next time (oh and my car is fine, I will be picking it up tonight)...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Call of Chaos

Hey guys, as I mentioned in my last post I am participating in the Call of Chaos 3 painting event over on the Bolter and Chainsword forum. I recently posted the above pic and the two below closeup pics of first 2 of 3 Obliterators I converted and thought I would share them with you. As you can see all that has been done so far is assembly and priming. I will have pictures of the third Obliterator that will finish out the squad for you later this month as I still need some parts to finish the conversion.

Oblit 1:

Oblit 2:

Both of the models above along with the third models I am currently working on are primarily based upon the Plastic Chaos Terminator Lord model.

Well until next time.

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