Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Update

Hey guys quick up date, the Terminators are about done.

More pics as I have them.


  1. Looking good, Jay. Look forward to seeing them in person.

  2. They look good. ANy chance we can get side picks to see which chapters you picked?

  3. Damn Jay, those look fantastic!! I love the dark grey look you've given them. That's how I'd want to do my Grey Knights.

  4. Chris, in this pic there is an Ultramarine, a Nova Marine (with hand painted chapter badge), an Imperial Fist, and 2 Space Wolves. I have full pics of them once they are finished and based.

    For the 5 man strike squad, I have a Ultramarine, an Imperial Fist, a Howling Griffon, a white scar, and a Son of Orar. Lots of work to do on that squad though before they are done.


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