Friday, May 29, 2009

Alright, as promised pics!

Hey guys, as I promised earlier today here are a whole score of pics I have been meaning to take and post. In addition to the pics I've notice that the last several weeks I have been posting on Thursdays usually so I have decided to start doing Update Thursdays as a regular bit of content (new name coming soon) on which every Thursday I will post something hobby related from techniques, to pictures of my models, or updates on what I have been working on. I expect to post more often then just on the Thursdays coming up but expect larger and longer post on Thursdays.

Okay, so now it is time for the good stuff. Lets start with the interior of the Landraider Crusader that I just finished. I am going to need this sucker on Saturday so it was important for me to get the interior done tonight.

Pic 1 is a hallway shot, looking in from the front down to the engine. Pic 2 is a close up of what the side panels look like. Pic 3 is a close up of the engine.

Next up we have the WIPs for 1st Company Captain Raphael (Belail) and the 20 Termies for my 1750 army.

As you can see Raphael was converted using peices for several GW plastic kits (7 actually) and that I still need to prime the Lightning Claw termies I intend to use as Death Company. Unfotunately I can not find the micro masking tape that I have so that I can mask off the red areas to create the DC red Xs.

As soon as I find my roll or find a place where I can get some more I will get them based.

And finally here is a complete storm of photos of my Ravening Biker Battle force that I painted in 8 days for the GW Iron Painter event. While I think I spent to much time on the bases and not enough on the models themselves, I think they still turned out good even thought the bikers need a bit more work (as do the bases which need highlights on the rocks and static grass).

The Full Box


Attack Bike

Squad 1

Squad 2

Well that is it, that is all the pics I have to share this time. Tune in next week as I post coverage of round 1 of the IFL Cure Luekemia benefit tournament happening this Saturday. Also I may through in some bonus footage of the Monpoc tournament I will be attending Sunday.

Until next time.


  1. Wow those are some great looking minis. It that is the Interior of the LR then i can't wait to see the finished model. Looks great. I'm snagging your pictures for basing Ideas for my nob bikers because they look that damn awesome. Great idea for the Landspeeder I think will see more of those for the valks.

  2. Your basing is pretty amazing, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! You've got a great start to an ambitious project, and you're not letting it get the best of you. I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work!

  3. Seriously nice work mate! The interior detailing of the LR looks fantastic and your Belial model looks awesome. Really great stuff!

  4. Seriously, your basing is fantastic. Also, I love the unique look of your Raphael. Taking parts from all the various sprues has paid off in making him look awesome. Love the chaos-y bits ;)


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