Friday, May 8, 2009

Games Day Disappointment

Hey guys, it has been a bit. Well I have an update about Games Day and it is not good. My plan for Games Day this year has always been big and ambitious with me participating in both Golden Daemon and Armies on Parade and helping my local club, The Iron Fist League, run their variety of Games Day tables and events. I was already, my painting schedule was fixed, and everything was going good.

Then disaster. Driving home from work Wednesday night suddenly (I am being over dramatic here) my dash board is ablaze with warning lights. VSC, Check Engine, Lock Off, and several other lights are glaring at me in the dimming 7pm dusk light. I pull the car over, flip through the manual trying to discover what some of these lights like VSC are (variable skid control). So I call my dealership, call a number of place actually, and suddenly my night of painting is gone and replace with a nightmare as I secure a rental car after hours, drop car off, etc.

So the paint schedule ruined, my last few things are now going to be unpainted and while I will still be at Games Day supporting my club that is all I will be doing, no bright and shiny models to display and compete with from this guy. Sigh... Why does this happen to me so often.

Till next time (oh and my car is fine, I will be picking it up tonight)...



  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Well just think that you now have another year to perfect those models for better placing. Still try to have fun.

  2. That sucks! I can empathize, as I just watched my wallet cry as my car came out of the shop. I will see you at GD however, and am looking forward to a good day!

  3. Sorry to hear about your problems.
    I've been wanting to go for the last three years and something comes up every single time... hopefully your track record won't be as bad as mine.


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