Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey guys, I know it has been a little while since I have posted anything and even longer since I provided you with some juicy pics of what I have been working on. Well fear not, while I can not provide you with anything today very soon you will get to see what I have been up to.

This week, GW stores are having an Iron Builder/Painter contest and guess who got suckered in... yup, this guy. Actually it comes at a good time. I am starting a little (not really that little) painting challenge this summer, testing both my ability to paint quality models quickly but also forcing me to up my game and add some new techniques and improve on some things I am weak at while getting a lot of models painted. More on that next week after this contest is over.

Okay, so what am I painting you ask? Well Blood Angels of course (not really of course, could have been Chaos, or Tau, or Eldar, or IG, or... or...). I have purchased and assembled a Ravenwing Battle Force which I am currently paint as Blood Angels. That said, most of the models in the Battle Force will end up being used as Ravenwing bikers in my up coming Bloodwing army that I posted a list for last week. I have broken the 6 bikes into 2 squad complete with 2 meltaguns each and a Vet Sergeant with Meltabomb. It seems I have meltas on the brain as the attack bike and the landspeeder are also equipped with Multimeltas. Things are going good. I have the interior of the Landspeeder done and the driver completed except for decals and highlights on his head.

Everything else is assembled, primed, and (except for the exterior of the landspeeder) has been base coated and had some basic highlighting done. One of the big advances for me is that pretty much all the large jobs like base coating and basic highlighting have been done with an airbrush (A first for me). Currently I am using the GW handflamer (a surprisingly good tool) and have had great success with it. I plan to in the future go out and pickup a better airbrush that will allow me to do more then just base coat and basic highlighting. But for now the GW handflamer is preforming admirably.

Well that is it for now, pics soon I promise.

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