Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonight I promise pictures...

Hey guys, things have been going okay for me, I've had some ups and downs. Now, lets give this post some order.

The Bloodwing - are progressing and I promise I will post pics tonight of where I am at. I have 15 terminators base coated with Blood Red, 5 more Assault Terminators all with Lightning Claws ready for their Black base coat (as they are going to end up as Death Company), and my Blood Angels Belail stand in converted and primed. I magnetized his arms as I can see using any of the three different arm setups possible for different style lists in the future. Currently he has a pair of Lightning Claws.

Also I have an update on the Ravenwing boxset I painted for GW's Iron Painter contest that ended on the 24th. I managed to place second and got some prizes and my models have been on display at GW Sugarland since Sunday. I am going to pick them up tonight as I need to finish them (still have a layer of highlight, decals, and some weathering to do to the marines) but I will post pics when I get home tonight of how they are now. They, along with the Landraider Crusader I am currently paint the interior of will fill out my 1750pt Bloodwing army.

This weekend sees the Bloodwing's first deployment in the first round on a summer series of tournaments being run in my area to benefit research to find a cure for Leukemia. There will be 3 tournaments in that series that are going to be held on the last Saturday of each month at Eagle and Empire, a local Northern Virginia LGS. The tournaments will consist of 1750pt armies and players will be earning points at each event that at the end of the 3 tournaments will be totalled. The top players will then be invited to an invitation tournament at the end of August. I plan to participate in at least 2 of the regular tournaments this summer and hope to be invited to the final.

This tournament series is just the first of several tournaments I plan to attend this summer as I try to get back into the 40K tournament scene and prepare for the 70 player MechaniCon tournament happening in November of 2009 up in Philly. While I do not have much more info then that I do know it is happening the weekend of Nov 6-8 and as I am not going to Gencon it will probably end up being my personal vacation this year.

Okay, well see you all later (stay tuned for a plethora of pics this evening).

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