Monday, May 11, 2009

Sigh... Another Games Day comes and goes.

Well another Games Day has come and gone and I wanted to share with you, as many of my fellow East Coast Bloggers are doing my thoughts and experiences. First off let me say thank you to Bill over at the deadtau project ( Besides being one of my local club members Bill was nice enough to walk around Games Day and take pictures of all the stuff I missed while working at the Iron Fist Leagues Rapid Fire Tables for pretty much the whole day. You guys should go check out Bill's site when you get a chance as I think it has the best GD coverage I have seen so far this year with lots of pics of the little bit of stuff that was there to be seen. Also Bill as it turns out had time to take a pic of my Armies on Parade empty spot GW left for me even though I specificly notifed and got a response 2 days earlier that I would not be able to participate this year (as seen above).

Rapid Fire on the other hand was a big success for us with 200 or so games played over the course of the day for both 40K and Fantasy with a total of around 150 players participating in at least one game. It was a fun day of running games, giving people a place to play as GW did not have open gaming tables this year, and generally supporting other gamers fun (I really do enjoy running games but it can be easy to burn out while doing so). For those attending next year you can expect an even bigger and better event.

As to the lines, lack of new product or previews, the Golden Daemon entries and awards, and coverage of armies on parade, I will let the large amount of other Blogs touch on that as while I knew it was going on I experienced very little of it myself.

Until next time.


  1. I am Alpharius!

    Just remember, Alpha Legion cannot be seen until they attack.

  2. LoL, maybe I will start an Alpha Legion army for just this reason. I am definitely going to add some into the Red Corsairs now either way.


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