Friday, May 29, 2009

Bloodwing List for tomorrow.

Okay, so as those of you that read my Blog know, I am playing in a 4 round 1750pt 40K tournament tomorrow where all proceeds will be going to research to find a Cure for Leukemia. This will be the first outing of the Bloodwing and I wanted to share the list I will be playing tomorrow. Any critique, tips, or tactics you want to give me that might make my army perform better tomorrow would be helpful. Unfortunately these are the models I have available at the moment and until I expand the army some more really is the only combo, at least of Terminators that I have available to me to use.

Bloodwing 1750pt Tournament Army

130pts Captain Machealius Raphael, First Company Captain of the Blood Angels (Belail)

250pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist
280pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist, Apothecary
220pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ Heavy Flamer
215pts (5) Terminators (Deathwing) w/ 5 Twin-Lightning Claws

Fast Attack
195pts (3) Bikes (Ravenwing) w/ Meltabomb, 2 Meltaguns + Attack Bike w/ Multimelta
145pts (3) Bikes (Ravnewing) w/ Meltabomb, 2 Meltaguns
65pts Landspeeder (Ravenwing) w/ Multimelta

Heavy Support
250pts Landraider Crusader

The basic battle plan is to have Raphael (Belail) and the Twin-Lightning Claw terminators mount up in the Crusader. If I have first turn then the Bikes will all use their scout move to turbo boost towards enemy vehicles to get some early melta kills. If I do not have first turn then they will use their scout move to turbo boost towards objects. Turn one will see the Landraider heading for the most heavily guarded objective/nastiest unit the enemy has with the 2 Terminator squads with Assault Cannons deep striking near cover near objectives with the bikes laying down supporting fire. The Heavy flamer Terminator squad will deep strike in where they are needed (hopefully off a Bike squad for best placement) when it becomes available. The landspeeder is held in reservers for late game tank killing/ objective contestation. If it comes in early it will probably hide the first few turns.

Let me know what you think.

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