Monday, March 22, 2010

4 Days to Adepticon!

Hey guys Huron here again, how is everyone doing? So day marks the release of Episode 3 of Gamers Lounge, the hobby podcast I am a co-host of. This time around we had a special guest joining us, Dan ie Max the Dog from Dice Like Thunder. He had a bit a of news to share with us, that thanks to our talk about blogs and Bills blog in particular, Dan has join us all in the world of blogging. Please go check out his blog, Max the Dog Media and sign up to follow him, I'm sure there will be great stuff coming from his blog for years to come.

S0 beside episode 3 being released, I have something big going on I have not been discussing with all of you, I am going to Adepticon which kicks opens its doors in just 4 days.

Man am I excited. I did not get to go to Gencon last year, and with the Nova Open and Games Day falling back to back in August already, there was no way I was going to be able to make it to Gencon again this year. So when Bill expressed an interest in going to Adepticon I jumped at the chance to to go along and get my fill of massive multi-day con for this year.

Here is a break down of where you will be able to find me:.

Thursday - On the road. Bill and I are taking the 10.5 hour drive and turning it into a 12 -13 hour drive so that we get stop and get some good food along the way. Thursday night we expect to get in and crash, however there is some talk of doing some drunken painting with the DLT and The Warbanner crew which could be tons of fun.

Friday - Friday sees me stepping up and pulling the Skorne from the case and throughing down at the 50pt caster kill Warmachine/Hordes tournament. This will be my first big tournament in Mark 2 and the first time I will have played using the recently released Final Skorne pdf, so it has me worried but it should be good time. If you find yourself in the Privateer Press Hall come look me up. I will be the tallest guy in the room wearing a Black Press Ganging shirt that is actually playing in the event. Also I should have on a Name Tag that will be hard to miss, with all the logos of things I am assoicated with on it.

Friday Night - I am not sure what Friday night has in store for me. I expect Alcohol and podcast crashing will fit in there somewhere.

Saturday Morning - Saturday morning Bill and I will be leading a sizable expedition of Podcasters and gamers to Lou Mitchells for Breakfast about 9:30 - 10. If you live in the Chicago area and want to come hang out, we'd love to have you.

Saturday Day/Evening - Saturday is my free day. It will be a day of pick up games, podcasting, and some 40K challenge matches. Come find me, I should be either in the minatures hall or down at the bunker getting my 40K, Malifaux, or FSA on (though I may be helping demo some Areonautica Imperialis as well). I will be wearing my Red IFL bowling Shirt and will probably have another custom name badge on.

Saturday Night - Around 10 DLT is having its yearly get together at Hooters from 10am to 1pm. 3 hours of wings, beer, and gaming talk while hooters girls walk around and bring us more drinks... sound like a good time to me!

Sunday Morning - I have a painting class from 10-12 about how to kicking my painting skills up to a compitition level.

Sunday Day - More free time for me. While I plan to spend sometime checking out the 40K championships, the Privateer Press Championships, and taking some photos and some video, if you want a game, I will be looking for one.

Sunday Evening - Poker. This year is the first post-Adepticon Poker tournament. I'm looking forward to getting my Texas-hold'em on Sunday night

Monday - Heading home. Bill and I will be driving back Monday, tried but happy hopefully!

Well that is it. If you are going to be at Adepticon, please come say hello, I am hard to miss. If you are not... Well why aren't you?

Until next time...

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