Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adepticon or Bust

In a few less then 24 hour I will be hoping in a car and taking a ride that at the end will lead me to Adepticon. This is going to be my first Adepticon, however I am no stranger to multiple day convention. I have made the pilgrimage 3 times now to the holy mecca of gameness that is Gencon. If you have never been to Gencon then you are missing out. But enough distraction.

Adepticon, what I am told is a prince compared to Gencon as king, a 3 day event encompassing the pinnacle of GW gaming (though this year there is a whole lot more then just GW to do). My Griffons, are nearing the completion mark, the vehicles were clear coated this morning. All that is left is to do the final tweaks on 30 odd troops, weather them, and seal them as well (no small task) and I will be finished.

As all of us, the faithful few that will make the trek to this weekends battles and debauchery make your final preparations, let me say this.

"To each of you I wish a safe and speedious journey. With podcasts and music and good discussion to melt away the hours upon the blacktop. My Skorne stand ready to defend me on the fields come Friday. My Howling Griffons, commanders marshaling their troops and preparing for the battles to come. As ork Mechs fuel and load missiles and bombs upon my tiny AA Ork fighters and my chaos fleet musters for FSA proxy I do shout to the outer rafters..."


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