Monday, March 15, 2010

Embracing the DC, Black is Back

Hey guys, Huron here again. 2 posts in one day, crazy I know. Well I have been thinking over the Blood Angels and trying to decided what I want to use when the new book comes out. I am an old school BA fan and have run the army a few different times over the years and one of my favorite aspects has always been the Death Company. Add in some fantastic new plastic DC models and it is easy to want to use them.

So one of my favorite things in the new book is the DC Dreadnought. While it takes up a Troops choices and since it is a vehicle does not score, this monsters is just nasty. The DC read is a front armor 12, WS 5 Furioso that is immune to crew stunned and crew shaken rolls. Additionally you can upgrade the Blood Fist (Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons) with Blood Claws (extra cool Lightning Claws). Blood Claws are really nice as they allow you to attack again everytime you wound an enemy models, which with WS 5, Str 6 Lightning Claws is going to have very frequently.

So here is a Death Company themed 1850pts list. I included Astorath the Grim as he removes the 0-1 maximum from Death Company squads changes the Blood Frenzy rule effect BA squads on a 1-3 instead of just on a roll of a 1. I also got a Sanguinary Priest and a Dreadnought Librarian into the army which if you read my Blog last week you know I'm excited about.

Back in Black, 1850pt Blood Angels Themed Army

HQ - Astorath the Grim
HQ - (5) Honor Guard w/ Chapter Banner, Powerfist
EL - Librarian Dreadnought + Drop Pod
EL - Sanguinary Priest w/ Power Weapon
TR - (5) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon, Meltapistol + Drop Pod
TR - (5) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon, Meltapistol + Drop Pod
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer + Drop Pod
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer + Drop Pod
TR - (10) Tactical Squad w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Lascannon
TR - (10) Tactical Squad w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Lascannon

One of the first things to notice is no regular transports except 5 Drop Pods, so I am not taking advantage of the BA fast vehicles. I could replace the DCs Drop Pods with rhinos or razorbacks but would probably need to drop the Sang Priest to do so. Second, no FA Baal Preds or HS Predators or Vindicators. Most players are going to tell you, start with 5-6 Predators and go from there. While I agree this is a strong choice, how is it fluffy or thematic? What is you theme when you have 5-6 Predators in your army that are stripped down and maximized for being low point costs, expendable, and have maximum fire power? I can't figure it out, at least not a good strong theme that isn't so thin that it is trasparent, so I will be avoiding them till I come up with something.

Let me know what you think.

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