Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BA Silliness, Working on a list...

Hey guys, Huron here again. Another day without computer access a home, sigh. But instead of sitting ideally on my hands I have been doing a number of things, including playing around with army list ideas for a new Blood Angels army (Thanks Ron for the pic). If you check out my earliest posts on this here Blog-a-ma-thing you'll notice I used to have a BA army I was working on. Actually Blood Angels (and some Khorne Warriors I was painting) were the inspiration for the name Blood and Blades, but I digress.

So I have been fooling around with list ideas, as I know many have, and I thought I would share a rather silly one I came up with (I don't know, it could be not that silly, just seems it as it starts with 2 models on the table).

HQ - Reclusiarch (3 wound Chaplain) w/ Pfist (and Power Weapon)
EL - Sanguinary Priest w/ Terminator Armor (comes with Power Weapon)
EL - (5) Terminators w/ 4 Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shields, 1 Twin Lightning Claw
TR - (10) Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon (Do not score)
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer, Blood Claws
TR - DC Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer, Blood Claws
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Weapon, Meltabombs, & Melta-Pistol, Meltagun
TR - (5) Assault Marines w/ Power Weapon, Meltabombs, & Melta-Pistol, Meltagun
HS - Stormraven
HS - Stormraven

All this comes out to 2K on the nose.

Okay, so Reclusiarch, (10) Death Company, and DC Dread in one Stormraven; Sanguinary Priest, (5) Terminators, and DC Dread in other Raven. The 2 Assault Squads Deep Strike or are held in reserves. (Alternately you could switch the jump packs out for Drop Pods for free)

Turn 1, Stormravens move fast, use machine spirit to fire Assault Cannon (or Twin-Lascannon if you upgraded it for free) at things that can hurt the Ravens.

Turn 2, move 6, Disembark everything, unleash hell with the Ravens (4 Str 8 AP 1 Krak Missiles, 3 HB shots, 4 AC shorts).

Assault squads drop in, hopefully hit or scatter only 1D6 thanks to Decent of Angels special rule and Melta high armor threats.

Clean up whatever is left with what disembarked from the Storm Ravens.
- 43 Furious Charge Attacks from DC+Reclusiarch that reroll to hit and to wound.
- 20 Furious Charge Attacks from Terminators+Sang Priest, all at Strength 9 or Init 5.
- Dreads Flame/melta then head into combat with Blood Claws (Lightning Claws that are Str 6 (thanks to being on a dread), WS 5, that let it attack again for every wound rolled), with Furious Charge if within 6" of the Sang Priest.

Oh and did I mention it all has Feel No Pain?

Yeah, that is what I call ugly.

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