Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from Chicago!

Hey guys, Huron here, back from Adepticon. Man did I have a blast. I played 4 good games of Warmachine on Friday, and a pickup game of 40K with Dave from Dice Like Thunder. I also got to meet Aaron Dempski-Bowden and hang with him and his fiance Katie for a significant part of the convention.

Saturday saw the GL, DLT, and the Warbanner crews decending on Lou Mitchell's Diner on the old route 66 in Chicago. The food was very good and I suggest dropping in and having a bite if you are every in the windy city. After that everyone headed back to Adepticon and got going with their different schedules.

Bill and I Podcasted with a variety of individuals for several hours Saturday afternoon and then I played two teaching games back to back of Fire Storm Armada and 40K with Phil of the Warbanner and Erin, Chris of DLT fame's girlfriend, respectively. From there we headed over to the DLT Saturday night Adepticon party at the Hooters across from the GW Chicago Bunker. I had a blast talking 40K, meeting new people, and sharing stories form the con so far.

Sunday saw me sleeping a bit late, taking a painting class and getting some of my models critiqued by Chris Borer, multi Golden Daemon winner and world class painter. He pointed out a lot of little things that I hadn't even thought about and shared some tips on how to better achieve some of the techniques I was applying. All and all I learned a lot and have a lot of new things to try and prefect.

Then I spent the rest of the day hang with the same crew from Saturday, playing another teaching gaming of 40K, did some talking with Aaron and Katie, and generally had a good time.

Adepticon was one of the most fun conventions I have attended, and I hardly played in any of the events. Next year I think I want to work towards getting an army together and actually signing up for the 40K championships on Sunday, but I am definitely going to leave time open for all the fun stuff that happens outside the scheduled events.

I hope that everyone that attended got home safely and has as good a time as I did. I will see you all next year!

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