Friday, January 13, 2012

First Minis of 2012

Alright, so time to post the first minis of the new year.  Today I have some Sanguinary Guard for you, still WIP, but first the story of their inspiration.  Back in early December, as I mention in my last post, I played in and won a 40k tournament at my local shop.  The funny thing is I decided to play in the tournament on a whim the morning of the tournament and threw together an all foot Blood Angels army (well all foot except 1 landspeeder, 3 bikes, and a Drop Pod) from the mostly painted BA minis I have kicking around with a few Painted Flesh Tearer minis I won at a BFS charity Tournament back in late 2010 thrown in.  The tournament was a 3 round escalating format with Round 1 played at 1250pts, Round 2 played at 1500pts, and round 3 played at 1750pts.  Players were required to make a 1750pt list and then take whole unit out of it to build their 1500pt and 1250pt lists.

So you had to have a painted army (I try to play this way anyways), and since none of my BA vehicles are close to done and most of the troops are in the 50% done range I had to use what I could pass off as "painted".  This boiled down to a Librarian, an unit of Sanguinary Guard that was painted up to look like Flesh Tearers (I suspect meant to be used as Vanguard Vets), 2 full squads of Tactical Marines, 2 minimum sized Devastator squads, 3 Sanguinary Priests, a minimum sized jump pack assault squad, 4 bikes, a landspeeder, and 5 Death Company in a drop pod.

As it happens, I have never field a Sanguinary Guard unit before but decide to take them to fill out the points which would have normally been spend on a Blood Raven most likely.  The Sanguinary Guard (supported by a Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack and Power Weapon) as it happens won me the whole tournament, or so it seemed to me.  They killed a large majority of all 3 of my opponents armies (1 marine and 2 Tau) and were the MVP of all 3 games. So long story short after the tournament ended I decided I need to paint myself up a proper unit of Sanguinary Guard. After a few minor tweaks to some Sanguinary Guard minis that I had assembled as BA Honor Guard originally I was off and painting.  But then the holidays hit and my progress slowed.

Here is where the squad is now:

Before I took this photo I though I was rounding in on having this squad completed, forever now it looks like I have a bunch more work ahead of me than I thought.  Also these guys have taken a bit of a back seat to some Warmachine minis I have been working on the last several days.  Relatively soon though I am sure I will be picking them back up and getting them finished.  One of the big hurtles will  be figuring out how to base them as it will effect how the rest of the army gets based as I begin trying to finish units to reach my goal of finishing painting a 2k army (most likely BAs) this year.

More soon to come. 


  1. First off, glad to see you back and posting!
    I think you should go with an ice base as I have not seen a Blood Angels army with Ice bases and it would contrast really well with the Red, Blues, and Golds.

  2. Thanks for the idea Mags, I think that might be the winner. The other idea I've had is Desert or Badlands, but I haven't been able to come up with the right approach to basing either of those. I give Ice a think and see what I can come up with.

    1. Looks good son far dude. I'm glad your getting back on the horse.


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