Friday, January 20, 2012

40K Hopefuls, #1

Hey guys, Huron here.  Well we are starting to get close to the end of the first month of 2012 and it is time for me to get to work on figuring our which 40k army will be my promised 2K army in 2012 from my new years goals post.  I have lots of armies to chose from here: perhaps one of the several marine armies I have mentioned previously; Orks in a variety of styles; or how about the Forge World Renegade IG I have sitting around primed or partially painted.  Another choice could be Nurgle Chaos Daemons, I have 1200pts painted already plus another 1k+ sitting ready to paint. All I'd need to buy is 5 more plague bearers and Epidemius to complete the army.

To help me decide, I am going to spend the next week sharing with you several of my choices and then putting a poll together to see what you guys think. No guarantee that I will play along, but it should help me decide.  My choice for today is:


Those of you that have known me for a good while know that I have an unhealth love of all things Nurgle and the Death Guard sit up there with the Dark Angels as one of the many things I love about the Warhammer 40K background.  Since second edition, when I first started playing (been collecting since Rogue Trader) I have owned 3 Death Guard armies.  Here is a pic of all that is left of my first Death Guard army, an army I played during the end of 2nd, beginning of 3rd edition of 40K.

Pretty terrible I know, and yes that is flocking on both the base and the model.  I wish I had pics of this army still as it was full of crazy conversions, daemonic details, and flock used as moss to cover many of the models and tanks.  One of the greatest conversions was a leman russ tank transformed into a predator with a huge daemonic mouth on the front (which happened to be the back of the Leman Russ) or the Landraider with the caged Greater Daemon of Tzeentch reaching out a bared window from inside.  This army was a jumping off point and gave me the confidence to try some of the more aggressive conversion I would do down the line. But we are not hear to talk about past armies, we are here to talk about future ones (Don't worry, some day soon I will dig around in my modeling bins and share stories of some of the great armies of my past).

One of the bad habits I have developed over a life time of gaming, is the inability to go to a swap meet, get rid of a bunch of minis I have sitting around, and not come home with a equal amount of new minis too (a disease I am sure many are familiar with).  Whenever I come across 1st and 2nd edition 40K Chaos minis, especially Death Guard ones, I always try to get them.  This has led to me squirreling away a good many metal Khorne Beserkers, Guitar carrying Noise Marines, static posed Thousand Sons, and cool looking Death Guard models over the years.  Some I have sold or painted up to add to  my existing Red Corsairs Chaos Army, but for the most part I have been saving the best minis I come across for a rainy day and/or something special.

Rumor has it, that a Chaos Cult Codex is due out sometime by the end of 2012, which has me thinking it might be time to get to work on a new Death Guard army.  This army would use only Rogue Trader era and 2nd edition metal Death Guard Marines.  Couple that with several of the great Forge World releases of the 2nd half of 2011, including resin versions of some of the original vehicles from back in the good ole days and this army could be something really special.  Let me show you some pics of what I would be working with:

The above is of a few of the 2nd edition metal minis I have been able to grab over the years.  These minis would need to be stripped, many would need arms and back packs (I have some sweet Forge World resin Mk2 arms, Heresy era Meltaguns,  and some old style plastic backpacks sitting around I have bitzed from various sources).

The above two pics are of some Rogue Trader era Death Guard minis that I manage to be in the right place at the right time to grab up.  There guys would form the core of my units with possibly the more mutated Death Guard in the second pic representing Chosen or Possessed Death Guard marines.

Now the Cons to this project. The Biggest challenge I would have is that I still need to flesh it out some more.  I'd need to add Forge World Vehicles, some Terminators (I have some 2nd Ed metal Chaos Terminators sitting around but they would need a lot of restoration work before they would be ready to even be primed for paint), and I'd need to track down a Rogue Trader era dreadnought or two if I really wanted to do the army right.  Unfortunately, finding an old school Chaos Dread that someone is willing to part with that is in good shape has been a big challenge so far and I would need to find a model or two I could use as an HQ choice.  No matter what I decide on, there is a good shot that at least a squad or two of this army will see paint in 2012, if for no other reason as my painter ADD is strong and the models are just so cool!


  1. I think it goes without saying that this is my vote for you. Long have I hoped you would go back to your roots, and perhaps the Plague Lord Delgar would rise again.

  2. You haven't seen my other choices yet. While I will agree this is a good one, there is another option that may even trump the DG, just wish the first minis had turned out better. But more on that next week after my chapter house order arrives.

    1. Pre-Heresy Death Guard or Emperors Children or even Dark Angels? You know I don't want to wait.


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