Monday, January 16, 2012

pIrusk Alt, WIP

Hey guys, here are some pics of the model I have spent most of 2012 so far working on, pIrusk (plain Irusk, or v1 Irusk).  This model is an alt sculpt that was release back when the Mk2 Khador Army Book was released.  I have one of the original pIrusk models that I painted way back in the day but I have recently been trying to focus on playing more Warmachine and nothing helps me do this then painting up some new minis to use.  Also one of my personal New Years resolutions is to play more Mk2 games with a wider variety of models and getting pIrusk painted up is a step in helping to achieve that.

I have a good bit more work to do on the mini, but here is where I am right now.

Why is it that every time I post pics of my minis I get de-motivated to paint more?  Maybe it is because the camera is unkind and I see all the mistakes I've made? Sigh, either way I have more work then I thought I did to get this model finished.

More soon to come.


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