Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 recap, 2012 Goals

Hey guys, 2011 has gone and we are now firmly in 2012.  2011 was a pretty bad year for me health wise and this in turn effected my hobby greatly.  For starters, I only posted a grand total of 21 blog posts over all of 2011 which is way below half of any previous year.  Last year saw me return to 3 games I had played previous but I had been on hiatus with for a while (Malifaux, Warhammer Fantasy, and Warmachine) and expand my interests in a fairly new game for me (Flames of War).  Of these 4 games I quick lost interest in both Malifaux and Warhammer Fantasy, and ended up abandoning Malifaux all together selling all my models except 1 painted Crew (Victorias) and a few random models here and there.

For Warmachine I spent the beginning of the year running a few tournaments, a league or two, and playing a few game here and there but quickly lost interest by spring.  My interest was rekindled and I managed to paint up several new Khador models for the Nova Open at the end of August and play in one of the tournaments there (one of only 4 tournaments I played in all year).  November and December say my interest in Warmachine rekindled slowly as James (from 4 Ones) and a few other of my locals started painting and playing Warmachine/Hordes again.

Flames of War is the only game that has seen constant play, painting, and general growth for me this year.  My small single LW Soviet army has expanded in to multiple Soviet, German, and Finish armies for a variety of time periods throughout this year and of the 4 tournaments I played in, in 2011, 2 where for Flames of War.  I also manage to paint up a 1750pt German LW army consisting mostly of infantry that I never got around to sharing on this blog and a good amount of Soviet minis too including 21 T34/85s.

Finally 2011 saw me start and fail to finish 3 new 40k armies, as well as fail to finish any exist armies that I already own.  The new armies were Nova Marines, Grey Knights (Death Watch), and a currently undecided on Pre-Heresy Marine army (though I did poorly paint a Vanguard Vet and Army Standard Bearer for the World Eaters which again I have not shared here yet).  However to end the year on a good note, I did manage to win a 40K tournament at my local store in the beginning of December with my Blood Angels.  My BAs while not finished had enough play ably painted models to allow me to field a mostly foot list.

Thankfully 2011 has ended and I can focus on new goals for 2012.  Here is what I want to achieve in 2012:

1. Finish painting at least one 40K Army to 2000pt and play at least 10 games with it over the year.  With version 6 just around the corner it would be good to have some freshly finished minis to try it out with.

2. Paint 100pts worth of Warmachine/Hordes minis and play at least 20 games of it over the year.  I'm already 2 games in.

3. Paint 2000pts of Flames of War minis and play at least 20 games of it over the year.

4. Play in at least 4 tournaments over the course of the year.

5. Participate in at least 2 Paint Competitions locally or online over the course of the year.

6. Paint up and play at least 1 game with (if able) at least 4 special projects over the course of the year.  Special projects could be be a crew, team, etc for a skirmish game (I have Infinity, Malifaux, Mercs, etc minis waiting on paint); Minis for a new game I am looking at (Dust Warfare when it is released for example); Minis from a Board Game (Super Dungeon Explorer); or minis I just want to paint up (I have some Perry Brothers Civil War minis I have wanted to paint up for a while for example).

7. Reduce the size of my collection, by selling or giving away model and minis that I never used or in some cases even looked at in 2011 and by also reducing the pool of future or back burner projects I have kicking around.

8. Post at least 52 New Blog posts with hobby related content in them.

Well those are my goals for 2012, lets see what I can accomplish this year.


  1. Hi Jay,
    Just sticking my head in to say hi and good luck in the coming year

  2. I love your 2011 wrap up, very thorough! Looking for to watching you meet your 2012 goals, should be some good stuff coming down the pipe!

  3. Matt/Mik - good to hear from you guy and thank you for the support. Hopefully things are going well for both of you and your families. The next week or so will be chock full of my first minis picks of 2012. Another things I am going to do this year (hopefully) is review some of the many board and card games that I play regularly. My group is a bit board game crazy right now with games like Pandemic, Eclipse, Rune Wars, Super Dungeon Explorer, and Classics like Dominion and even the Wow CCG cropping up recently.


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