Monday, February 6, 2012

Colossals... Uh Wa?!?!?

 Well so big news out of Templecon this past weekend, this summer Colossals will be released for Warmachine.  Now for those of your who love the Warmachine back story like I do, no these are not old Colossals from the past that have been refurbished and put back into service, these are new Colossals that have secretly been in productions by nations all over the Iron Kingdoms for years (in planning since Superiority supposedly).  For the uninitiated (Why aren't you?!?) Colossals will be the equivalent to around Stompa or Knight Titan power levels for 40K.

So far we have only seen actual pictures of the Cygnar and Khador Colossals, both which look awesome.  There will be 6 Warmachine Colossals, one for each faction and even one for Mercs (though no one can firmly say which merc group it will work for, probably all, but I think it is for Magnus's Agenda and I have read both Rulic and Pirates other places).

(Hey James, you wanted a sweet model to paint.  I'd say Cygnar just jumped to the top of the list, if I didn't have epic amounts Khador to paint and a Magnus's Agenda Merc list waiting in the wings, it would for me.)

CAD pics of the Retributions Colossal, the first Retribution war engine that I have liked the look of really.

And for all you HORDES nuts that are suddenly feeling left out, a sneak peak for a Troll Colossal sized monster that will be coming later this year.

And last but not least, the release video:

Wow, BIG (very big) things happening with PP in 2012.


  1. I know... I saw. I am drooling over all the ways I can paint that thing. I really REALLY want to see what the Blindwater Congregation get =)

  2. Yeah, these things look pretty cool. I can't wait to see how they work on the battlefield. I was saying this might be enough to convince me to dust off some old Cygnar. Might be... Man, they look sweet!

  3. They all look awesome. Well all but the Cryx one... that guy is a dick head... i mean for real it looks there is a dick on his head. Really excited for a Colossal Wold, as I assume there is not chance there will be a Giant Werewolf, no matter how much I want one.

  4. LOL, yeah Giant Wold all the way.

    @Mike - From the video and the battle engines rules, there are going to be in the range of 15-20pts each and have right and left 90 degree firing arcs for the lower guns/arm systems, 180 or maybe 360 degree arcs for the top turret, always have reach, and a form of Thresher but as a power attack that his everything in range in a 90 degree arc.

    I am excited for this stuff, it is coming in July, and supposed everything from Wrath will be out too. Also we are getting Version 3 of some Caster in the next book, rumor has it that Haley3's feat takes over an enemy warjack permanently. Several of the v3s were demoed at Templecon supposedly.

    1. One wonders if Everblight we be recreating his dragon form then. If the model is cool enough, it oculd pull me back.


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