Friday, April 6, 2012

These are the voyages of the...

Hey guys, Huron here.  Wow it has been a while.  So things have been kind of rough in the unemployed world of me.  Almost moved to NJ for job (I didn't get it, but I was apartment hunting and making plans when they told me they decided not to hire me, BAH!).  Well anyways I have been busy running a Warmachine League and Painting contest at my local shop, Huzzah Hobbies.  Both will be ending Tuesday April 17th.  I am also in the process of throwing a bit of money together to try and attend Adepticon.  I have a friend going who has asked me to go with him.  More on that is I end up being able to go.

Though I still have been putting miniature to table the last few months have spawned a old/new hobby for me.  I have always been a computer gamer, since my parents got our first 86 bit computer back in the early 80s.  Oregon Trail, Ancient Art of War, and many other titles nurtured my love for video games.  Well recently I was introduced to Eve Online.

For the last several months I have been blasting through space in my own personal gunship; fighting pirates, making profits, and getting killed only to have my consciousness transferred to a new clone so I can do it all again.  While I have flown many different ships and currently use a variety of them with all different purposes, my primary ship of late has been the Drake (pictured below).

The Drake is a Battlecruiser (ship design between a battleship and a cruiser) and is of Caldari (one of the 4 Empires in Eve) make.  The drake is an interesting mix of long range missile barrages and heavily tanked fighter (from other MMOs).  I guess it is important to mention here that I have never been much of an MMO player preferring RTS and FPS games over the standard RPG style of most MMOs.  However EVE has grabbed me by the horns and hooked me hard.  Its got action, adventures, space pirates and plunder (I'm the one doing the plundering), and all manner of different things to get my attention. If any of the multitude of readers here suffer from the addiction known as EVE as well, you can hit me up in game @ Huron Tekitsu (Main) or Noble Huron (Alt).  While my primary character flies the drake, my Alt is current working toward the big ship pictured in the first Pic on the top of the page.  It is called an Orca and is 1 Part mobile strip miner, 1 part oil taker, 1 part 747, and all one awesome capital ship.  The reason I chose that picture however is because of the little ship next to it, called a Retriever.  The Retrieve is a neat little mining barge and is the first stop on the road to be able to pilot an Orca.  I just reached a training point where I can fly a Retriever, seems I have a lot longer to go, huh?

Well I hope everyone is well and I promise I will have some pics of painted minis for you soon.  With a deadline looming and 50pts of Warmachine to finish I should be finishing large swaths of minis here over the next few weeks.

More as I have it.


  1. Keep your chin up on the job front, I'm in the same boat as you and it's always annoying to hear things on the news like, "The job market is looking up..." It seems they forgot to include me on that!

    I've never played Eve, but have heard nothing but good things. Large, spanning space adventure? Sign me up.

  2. Sorry to hear your in the same Job boat as me, good luck on that front. Eve is great. The best thing for me is that the way the game is setup, instead of constantly grinding to increase your skills and abilities skills train in real time. So as long as you have skills in your skill que you are constantly train to get better 24 hours a day.

    Now of course different types of skills have different lengths of time it takes to train them, and each skill can be trained from level 1 to level 5. So if you want you can set you skill que and not play for a few days or weeks if you want, only having to go in and tweak you que from time to time if you want a break. There are lots of great 3rd party tools that let you monitor you Skill progress, outfit ships so you know what you need to train to use them, and all sorts of other things... all from outside the game.

    Grinding in Eve instead is all about Isk (money) and there are lots of ways to earn it in game. You can even pay for game time with Isk, assuming you can make enough of it over the month (480Mil per month).

  3. Keep at it, mate - you'll get something. LinkedIn, tons of résumés, eventually something will catch. I was there for 2 years and finally got moving a few months ago.

    In the meantime I'm looking for AI/Necromunda/Mordheim/Dark Future/skirmish action. Straight outta Oldtown.


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