Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Weekend of Gaming Excitement!

Hey guys, Huron here. Sorry I do not have anymore coverage for you from BfS. I still have 2 games to go but my monitor at home has died. Well actually I can still turn it on, but everything is very smurfy and blue and not much else. So I will need to pickup a new monitor before I get back to posting my games from BfS.

So now to the meat of things, the Warstore Weekend. Myself and 2 other of my good friends will be getting in my car very early, O-Dark thirty actually, and heading up to the con tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the weekend up at the con. I am looking forward to seeing many of the people I saw recently at BfS and reconnecting with a few people I know who will be there that I have not seen since the last time I was at Gencon back in 2008.

I currently have no definitely plans for what I will be doing, but never fear, a good ole' coverage will be made next week.

So enjoy your weekend and if your are going to be up at Warstore Weekend look for me, I will be the tallest guy in the room, wearing black gamer shirts, talking to my camera. ;)

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  1. I hope your Malifaux games went well! That sewer board looked pretty cool. I was just glad I was able to identify the falconer model you guys were talking about...


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