Monday, October 25, 2010

Back and planning another!

Hey guys, Huron here, back from Warstore Weekend. I had a good time and will have all the coverage for you tomorrow but today I wanted to talk about another Con close to my heart, Adepticon! Registration has opened and if you are planning to go in 2011 I will be seeing you there. I still have to figure out how I am getting there (though I will likely drive) I will be headed out Thursday and will be headed home the Monday after. Here is what my weekend looks like.


Traveling to the show. Then once I get there meeting up with the TEW (the Eternal Warrior, previously DLT) guys, the Independent Characters guys, and who ever else wants to go and get Adeptiparty-con 2 started off right.


9:30 - 11:30: Hobby Seminar - Airbrushing for Figurines with Mathieu Fontaine - I am really looking forward to this seminar and using my airbrush for more then just base coats is definitely something I need to learn to do and do more to help speed up - improve my painting.

12:00 - 5:00: Warhammer 40K: Killzone - Never heard of Killzone? Where have you been hiding? Under a rock? Killzone is a fan made skirmish expansion to Warhammer 40,000 first created by Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames, and then developed and worked on by the Killzone committee and is currently in Beta Testing. I am looking forward to this event and have been helping to test the Killzone rules recently in anticipation.


Nada! That is right, currently I have no plans for Saturday. I may join in on something eventually, but I wanted to leave Saturday open as I know Bill and I will be Podcasting at some point, and there will be lots of other things to do a the con besides playing in registered games. For example a certain some one owes me a challenge game with her Chaos Marines... She knows who she is! ;) And the one thing I didn't do last year was play that many pickup games against people I didn't know. That is something I want to rectify this year if possible.


8:00 - 4:00: 35ss Malifaux Tournament - Malifaux is really my favorite game at present and I am excited to play in this event. I know that Bill will be playing to, will you?

9:00 - ?: After Con Poker Tournament and Mixer - Last year I had fun at this event and was knocked out early and went to bed, I won't make that mistake again. Bill stayed down stairs and played into the wee hours of the morning talking and having fun. I will definitely be down for some fun games to unwind and have fun after adepticon this year. I will also probably bring some board games with me for those of us that get knocked out early and want to hang out still. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Hex-Hex, and Bang seem like the right sort of games for this.

Well that is my schedule, what is yours. I'd love to know what events people are playing in and who will be in the same events as me (so that trash talking may commence). Also if you have ideas of what I should do with my Saturday Morning/ Early Afternoon let me know.

See you next time.


  1. What? No Big 40K Tournament? Boo Hiss Boo! :-)

    Okay, on a serious note, inquiring minds want to know what your new Tournament army is going to be? I know that you have recently been "flirting" around with the idea of Orks; however, I also know you have some EMO Marines like me.

    So, which will Huron take to the coming battles?

  2. I'll be there at the poker tournament and a totally open Saturday as well.

    Glad to hear you had a good time at the Warstore Weekend. I may have to figure out a way to get there next year (too many good Cons and Tournaments).

    I hear you'll possibly be going with "Team Edward" in terms of your power armor. Whatever army you go with, I'm sure it'll look great and it should be fun to see.

  3. Well lets see. I do indeed have a Team Edward army waiting in the wings. It is about 75% done being painted right now and it really just needs detailing, highlight, and weathering before it is good to go. With that said, I am undecided what I am going to do with this army once it is finished (with is a ways off). I may try playing it or I may just sell it, I am not sure yet. Either way it probably will not be my army for next season.

    What that army will be I'm not sure, though their is a strong contender in Orks. I am currently having a blast playing Orks in Killzone and I have around 3K or Orks and a Stompa hangout that needs some paint. If I do end up going Orks, you can bet I am going to go a bit crazy with them and go a completely different direction with them modeling wise then what most people do. But more on that when I post my Ork Killzone team.

    Also with the Badab War book coming out now and my copy firmly in my grasp, I have the desire to redo the Griffons using the FW Marine models. I have some cool ideas on how to modify the Griffons into a theme Team Jacob army so depending on if I have cash for a big FW purchase later this year they may end up showing up instead of the Orks. I'm just not sure yet.

    Either way it is more Malifaux and FoW painting that is on the docket right now. And I want to get some more square base models done too.

  4. Have you thought about doing a Tyrant's Legion force? I know you have spare marines lying around, plus you have vraks renegades.

  5. I have to re-read my Badab book, but I think Tyrant's Legion might be a really good idea. That is of course if the Orks don't steal all of your focus.


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