Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nova Open!

Hey guys Huron here, well this weekend is the Nova Open. My Howling Griffons and I will be there all weekend experiencing this tournament. Also, the Games Lounge will be broadcasting live Friday and Sunday on U-Stream so that all you unlucky people who don't live in the area or can't make it out can participate in the fun. Please keep reading for all the details.

Friday, August 13 at 8:00pm the NOVA Open live broadcast will open up to the internet and we hope to see you in the chat room! Preparations have been underway and we at the Gamers Lounge are excited to be hosting this broadcast from the Friday night gaming activities. We will be interviewing the players in the Whiskey Challenge, getting their insights, and tracking how their games go. Who are these players and what is the Whiskey Challenge you ask?

Andrew Sutton (Stelek, Yes the Truth Hurts) vs. Justin Hilderbrandt (Dash of Pepper, Dakka poster)
John Steele (St. John, Three Plus Save blog; YTTH co-author on occasion) vs. Jeremy Chamblee (Chumbalaya, Blackjack and Hookers blog)
Tim Williamson (The Tau of War blog) vs. Chris Dubuque (Jawaballs, The Blood Angels and Warhammer 40K by Jawaballs Blog)
Daniel Matulich (Danny Internets, Bald and Screaming blog) vs. Brad Townsend (Hulksmash, Dakka poster, Hulksmashstudios)

Then on Sunday, August 15 we will be broadcasting footage of the top table for the NOVA Open finals, the games that are determining who gets the "Vegas Golden Ticket"!

For those who can not participate in person this year, join us in the chatroom and take part in these parts of the events.

Well that is it for now. Check back next week for full coverage of the event including pictures and video and my tails and triumph and woe. Oh, and if you are going to be at the Open please come say hello and introduce yourselves. On Friday and Sunday I will be at the Holiday wearing a Gamers Lounge Shirt and on Saturday I will be wearing an Adepticon Shirt and a Black Privateer Press Ganger over shirt ( ;) ). Oh and I will very likely be the tallest guy in the room.

See you guys later.


  1. I already knew I wasn't going to make the open, but now I will be missing your Ustream as well. Friday is date night and well, I don't want to be sleeping in the garage!

    If you could, post up the results of the Whiskey Challenges on this blog or Gamer's Lounge for those of us who can't attend and will miss the Ustream.

  2. Actually, you will be able to go by the Nova Open U-Stream channel after the event and listen to all the action in one of the recorded files available on the U-Stream site after each cast.

    But I will be doing full coverage here next week as I am sure many others will be doing as well around the blog community.

  3. I had fun, thanks for the game.



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