Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brets for a good cause

Hey guys, Huron back again. Today I have a few things to show you. First off to the left & below are pics of a Bretonnian general I painted for a friend who won my painting services in an auction to benefit breast cancer. This auction happened down at Game Vault in Fredricksburg, VA last month and went along with a tournament to for the benefit as well. They raise several thousand dollars and had a good time or so I am told as unfortunately I was unable to attend.

So this piece is for Bill, who actually is the individual whose dedication to raising money to fight breast cancer is impressive and he is the inspiration for many in the area to sponsor gaming tournaments and events those ultimate goal is to raise money for Charity.

I have run several charity based tournaments over the years and there are plenty of opportunities out there for other people to get involve and raise money through gaming in their community. It is as simple as doing a search on the internet or looking for donation boxes in your area to find out what charities are active in your area. Then call the charity and find out what they need, whether donations of food, clothes, money, or other needs. Then organize a tournament around those requirements and off you go. You may be surprised how rewarding it can be and how many people will come out to support you. Charity tournaments always bring a wide variety of people out, usually even those that don't normally participate in tournaments.

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