Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEW, New, new!

Hey guys Huron back again. Today I am going to be talking about all sorts of new things. For starters Episode 6 of Gamers Lounge has hit the shelves and is ready for download on the Gamers Lounge Blog, itunes, or over on Podcast Alley. If any of you figure out how to use Podcast Alley please tell me, that site confuses the heck out of me! Additionally Check out the new Gamers Lounge Logo on the left designed by Trevor (Thanks man!). This Logo is just the first of many updates to the Blog and Podcast we are going to be making as we begin final tweaks to the branding and add some new fun things like Gamers Lounge T-shirts and more. Lots of fun stuff planned there.

Yup, if you guessed I was going to be talking about Death Company you guessed right (Pic taken from Deviant Art - by Cabal_Art without permission). My Blood Angels got underway this week as I started paint Astorath, 5 Death Company, and 2 rhinos including one for the death company. Besides Astorath, the other stuff is all in my Pathfinder 1000 paint contest list that I need to get finished before 5/30. The full list is below.

PATHFINDER 1000 - 1K Blood Angel Army

- Librarian
- Chaplain
- (5) Assault Marines + Rhino
- (5) Death Company + Rhino
- (10) Tactical Marines
- Baal Predator
- Baal Predator

In addition to that to fill out my 1500pt list I added:

- (10) Assault Squad
- (4) Additional Death Company
- Sanguinary Priests
- Death Company Dreadnought + DP

And finally we get to one of my new favorite loves... well actual a new version of an old love... Halo Reach. On Monday the Beta test went live for all those luck souls (like me) that have an X-Box 360 and Halo: ODST (I am so glad I bought it!). I finally got the 1.15g file downloaded this morning and jumped into the game around 7AM. At 9:30AM when I stopped to head to work I have played around 15 games and already reached the first two achievements and gained ranked status (Reach will have month long seasons where players compete for rankings by gaining points as they play games, we are in the preseason now).

Needless to say my time for at least this week is going to be eaten up by Reach gaming, but not before I play Mike Johnson @ 2,500pts tonight to decide whether or not he can defend his position 1 more time and become the first top ranked player to have 4 defenses on top of the Pyramid. It should be an exciting game and I will be recording a Battle Report for all to enjoy and will have it posted this weekend.

Well folks, that is it for now, have a good rest of the week!

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