Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gamers Lounge Episode 4 & the BA Bug

Hey guys, Huron here, back in action. Well after a special Gamers Lounge Adepticon interview episode which was released last week, Gamers Lounge has returned this week with Episode 4. In this episode Mike Brandt, the host of the Nova Open, Virginia's only GT Qualifier tournament happening in August joins us to talk about his experiences at Adepticon and to share with us some of his exciting plans for the Nova Open. You guys definitely want to check out this episode.

In other news, I have caught the BA bug. That's right, I have done what I said I wouldn't do and started a Blood Angels army. Currently it is pretty small though I am sure it will expand quickly. I will be returning to my painting roots for this one and will be painting the whole army using mostly P3 instead of the GW paints I have been using on the Griffons. I will still probably end up using the GW Metallics and Washes but the rest of the minis will be painting using only P3. I hope to rediscover my style and get back to my two brush blending roots with this army. We will see how it goes.

However fear not, the Howling Griffons will not be forgotten. They are currently my primary 40K army and will stay that way for the immediate future. I also have plans for adding a few things to the army before I call it complete. So as soon as I get a computer back up and running expect some photos and videos about the Griffons to pop up. I want to expand the army by completing a few Apoc formation starting with a Line Breaker Squadron.

See you guys next time.

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