Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking out at 2010

Hey guys Huron here, just a few more hours left till 2010. Personally I am stuck here at work, well at least for 2 more hours so I thought I would take a small break a share with you my hobby goals for 2010.

First off I plan to finish up the Howling Griffons army that has been seen in the recent battle reports and tutorials I have posted. Now saying I am going to finish them up is I guess a bit of an understatement. My plan for the army looks like this:

  1. Space Marine Battle Company - Including Transports
  2. 1st Company Detachment - 25 - 30 Terminators, 10 Sternguard, 10 Vanguard
  3. Variety of Characters - My own modified versions of several special characters; Khan, Pedro, Lysander, Shrike, Tigerious, and maybe some others. Plus a Power Armored and Terminator Armored Librarian, and Power armored Chaplain on Foot, on Bike, and with Jump Pack along with a Terminator armored one as well.
  4. A mix of Heavy Support and Fast Attack vehicles and Bikes
  5. Then for Apocalypse an Armored spearhead featuring 5 Landraiders (1 Standard, 1 Crusader, 1 Redeemer, 1 Promethius (FW), and One Terminus Ultra), a Line Breaker Squadron (3 Vindicators), An Ancients formation (Master of the Forge and 4+ Dreadnoughts of any pattern), and probably a super heavy of some sort
I am good way along on the Battle company, I just need 2 More Tactical Squads, 2 Devastator Squads, their Transports, and a Razorback for the Command Squad. I am about half way done collecting the 1st Company Detachment as I currently have 13 Terminators, 6 Sternguard, and 5 Vanguard in my collection. Character wise I have and have converted up pretty much all the characters listed except Lysander, Shrike, and Tigerious. I need another Predator or two and some Landspeeders and I have the Bike/Vehicle support of the Griffons locked down and for the Apoc stuff mentioned I just need 2 more Raiders (Redeemer and Promethius), one more dreadnought, and the super heavy choice I mentioned. Not sure what it is going to be yet.

Having all of that and having it all painted are different things altogether though so I am going to be focusing on getting it all painted, starting with what I need for my tournament list and going from their.

Once the Griffons are done I plan to put some work into a number of different projects I have on the back burner. While I will not commit to getting any of these projects finished in 2010 realistically I need/will probably put some work into all of them or sell them off over the course of the year. They are:
  1. 40K Orks - I have around 3K or orks in various stages, mostly assembled and unprimed
  2. Chaos Warriors - Likely to be my next project, want to get an army painted up and ready to play if I ever get the urge again. I have around 3K or assembled and primed models for this army
  3. 40K Chaos - An old standby for me, I would like to revisit and tweak this army for 5th edition sometime in the future.
  4. 40K Nurgle Daemons - I painted 1000pts of these guys over the summer of 2009 and really only need to pick up Epideimus, 1 Great Unclean One (to use as a Daemon Prince), and a box of Plague Bearers up for and I will have a full army. I even have 3 FW Blight Drones sitting around unassembled I can add in as well
  5. Renegade IG - I have the Infantry component and a few of the tanks I would need to start a FW Renegade IG army based on the new Guard book. Really what I need a few more vehicles and to rearm a few models and this army would be ready to be painted and played
  6. Eldar Exodites - This is a new army that I am in just the beginning stages of building. They are a long way off from being playable but I've always wanted and Exodite army and with some of the current Dark Elf, Lizardmen, and Eldar plastic models I think it is very doable so expect to see more work on these guys this year as time allows.
  7. Blood Angels - If the rumors end up being true I expect to jump full bore into a Blood Angels army too.
Yeah I know lots of projects. Kind of overwhelming isn't it.

There is one thing besides the Howling Griffons I am going to pledge to do. I want to replace my existing Home/Travel Terrian with a GW Battle Board and some new nicer painted terrain. Whether this means GW stuff or scratch built stuff I do not know yet but I want to up my the quality of the terrain I play on when outside of a GW store.

Well that is it for now, see you all in 2010!

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