Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys, Huron here. Happy Holidays to all. Whether you celebrate Christmas like me, Hanukkah, or any other holiday this season I hope you get all the GW goodies you asked for and desire.

I have a special Blood and Blades Blog post for you today. I have a battle report between my nearly finalized Howling Griffons army and Nix from The Dead Tau project and his nicely painted Eldar army. I have the first pics of a new project I have just started working on, a new Eldar Exodite army inspired by some of the other great bloggers in the community like

First up is Battle Report 4 vs Nix from The Dead Tau Project. Nix's Eldar are really is nicely coverted and painted and he and I have been playing quite a bit lately. He is strongly responsible for me heavily refining the tactics for my Howling Griffons lately and taking the army from the rough starting point it was at back in November to where it is now. Thanks man for all your help! Additionally, a very interesting matter comes up toward the end of this video which is just one of those situation that sometimes happens in 40K that makes you go Hmmm? How does that work? Fritz (and everyone else), we require you Eldar expertise for this one! Let me know if you got an answer or if you have a different opinion then what we came up with.

Exodites! Thats right, I have started a new project, Eldar Exodites. For those that do not know the Exodites are the survivors of the Fall of the Eldar who saw the end coming and left to form colonies on worlds through out the universe on various worlds with webgates. They are the distant cousins of the Craftworld Eldar with all the knowledge technology of the ancients but who decide to for go it for a simpler life style.

Another cool feature are the Dragon Knights, Warriors who defend their world from the backs of raptor like dinosaurs and other beast. These Dragon Knights make perfect stands in for Jet Biker. The current mostly plastic Dark Elf, Lizardmen, and Eldar armies makes converting one of these armies both cost effective and fairly simple compared to the past. Here are a few pics of the first converted models for my army.

Farseer on Jetbike

Dire Avengers

Warlock and Storm Guardian

POST #50! So the beginning of last year I started hearing about a community of gamers that was beginning to form on the web. I followed a few people around to various sites and read their blogs which in the end lead me to Ron and From the Warp. A few days later after playing around with Blogspot, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop Blood and Blades was born and I had joined the FTW blog ring and the greater blogging community. I at first planned to just post pics of my models, maybe a battle report or two, and some project ideas I had bouncing around my head. Now I am posting Video Battle reports and tutorials, army lists and tactics, and have 47 other people who follow what I say and care about what I think, crazy!

2010 is going to see a big expansion of my blog. More tutorials, some gaming guides, and lots of battle reports are in the future, along with a video project log. New better quality videos, thanks a new camera capable of recording HD Videos has been obtained. I am also planning to pic an HD capable webcam in the near future and some higher grade editing software.

2010 is just around the corner and with it comes the plans of traveling a good deal this year to many tournaments and events and maybe running a few myself. I will be providing complete coverage of all of them for you to enjoy. 11 Months down and 50 post in. Lets see if I can triple that in 2010.

Well that is it for now. Happy Holidays again! See you in the new year!

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