Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Status Update

Well this weekend saw lots of gaming for me. If you follow my Blog at all you will know I participated in a 4 round 1750pt 40K tournament on Saturday to Benefit Leukemia. The tournament went well though not so much for me. Around $600 was raised during the event with 3 more to go over the course of the summer. I think we can top this next time. I will be posting a game by game accounting of the event like I did for Rapid Fire tonight or tomorrow, just need to get the pics edited.

I also played in my first Monsterapocalypse tournament on Sunday. Though I made it to the final round I got knocked out by an old acquaintance of mine. I played Guard using Sky Sentinel and he was playing Carnosaurs and to be honest I am not sure what the name of his monster was but it was the pterodactyl from I Chomp NY. I'll have a few pics from that event tonight as well.

And finally, I am thinking about doing a series of tutorials and gamer aid articles from my own perspective. There are a plethora of articles that can be found on Ron's FTW main site that I have found very helpful on some projects recently and I want to return the favor and add in some of my own jems. That said, besides an article on the bases I have gotten a lot of comments on for my recently posted Bikes and Landspeeders I am drawning a blank on what I should write about. So I am opening the doors for your suggestions and ideas. Please post a comment and let me know what you would like to see.

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