Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Autobots Transform and Roll Out!

These famous words caught the imagination of my generation and "Transformed" us into fans of giant robots duking it out for supremacy on our home world of earth. The new movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen opened for all to see tonight at 12:01am and yours truly was in attendance. I will not give you any spoilers, but encourage you to give the movie a go. Did you like the first one? Yes, see the second one tomorrow, trust me, I will be seeing it again tomorrow, and Thursday, and Friday, and... and... it was that good. Or, so you sort of liked the First one but found some of it cheesy. Okay, see it this weekend, give it a shot, I think the stuff you thought cheesy is done a lot better this time around.

Okay and that small percent of you that hated the first movie (what is wrong with you???) give it a week or two, then, once the crowds have died down go sit in the theater, wave hello to me and the rest of us fans who with be in the middle of an "and... and..." moment and drop your predetermined thoughts and give it a go, you may be surprise by how much you will enjoy yourself.

Okay, enough Transformers for now, more later. For those tuning in for 40K and painting goodies, fear not, I have some stuff coming down the pipe that will wet your whistle. It has been a busy month with little time to edit photos but I am going to see what I can't do to find some time this weekend to take care of several event reports, modeling progress shots, and up coming event info to share.

Until I walk this way again.

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